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Ebooks Hans Smedema ‘Fighting the Unknown’!


‘Never in world history…

has a single loving couple…
been betrayed so badly…
for so long…
by so many…!  Hans Smedema

‘Live is not measured by the moments we breath, but by the moments that take our Breath away!’

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Part 1, 2 and 3 ready! (Part 4 and collective work, short film- or moviebook as soon as this horrifying case has been solved!)


  • English translator: ‘It is a story that will arouse horrified fascination. I stayed up late reading last night; I had to force myself to stop. Yes, it’s hard to believe these things could really be happening to someone. I like your writing style; it is very direct and very accessible to the reader, like you’re right there, talking, and this makes it very compelling to keep reading. The dark world of pornography is permeated through our culture and has so many hidden layers that would shock the average person. We’ve all heard the expression “truth is stranger than fiction”; this goes beyond all sinister imagination…’



The horrifying still ongoing betrayal of an innocent defenseless Dutch couple by their own family, government and physicians during 28 years, leading to an international scandal in which the Dutch Queen, old American ambassador Paul Bremer, a CIA employee, Dutch politicians and Ministers are involved. An unbelievable conspiracy with an assassination and three attempts to murder victim Hans Smedema! The Dutch Queen-gate!


In March 2000 author and victim Hans Smedema suddenly gets impossible flashbacks about the abuse and rape of his wife, which were 28 years suppressed by himself and his wife, but also hidden from them by his own family, government and physicians, in what must be the greatest conspiracy against an innocent loving couple ever in world history! Rape and even children from rapist were 28 years allowed without any warning of the unknowing couple or prosecution of the rapist to stop the ongoing abuses. Their lives were apparently secretly managed (destroyed) by their family and a secret organization inside the Ministry of Justice, secretly approved by a special ruling of the Dutch Queen.

In this first part ‘Fighting the Unknown – Horrifying Betrayal’, Dutch author and victim Hans Smedema tells how he unknowingly lived his unbelievable but interesting life with the many strange happenings, which he then didn’t understand because of the conspiracy and cover up, while during those 28 years being horrifying betrayed by his own family, friends, police, justice, physicians, politicians, Ministers and even Queen!

The four parts together proof the fact that recallable memories after 28 years are indeed possible, which is still very controversial in the so called ‘memory wars’. It also proofs the existence of a double or ‘recallable emotional personality’ with a woman not capable of filing charges against her rapist during 28 years. She was betrayed by all people around her, who said they loved her, including part of the Dutch government and psychiatrist. They even manipulated DNA tests, MRI scans and the fact that Hans Smedema himself was secretly made infertile in 1972 before their marriage. So everybody knew the three children were from rapist, except Hans and his wife themselves, but those rapist were therefore never prosecuted!

An American hero, business friend later CIA employee Al Rust helped Hans, but was also brutally betrayed by the Dutch government and Queen Beatrix, by hiding all the information which led to his innocent dismissal and ten years of severe suffering before he was able to proof his case with a copy of the secret file of Hans Smedema. Old American ambassador Paul Bremer was positively involved, as was an unknown American senator.

Hans is still fighting his enemies, but denied the Dutch ‘Freedom of Information act’ right because of the involvement of the Dutch Queen Beatrix which makes his case ‘state security’, denied the right to file charges against their enemies, denied the right to a Lawyer, denied the right to know why this conspiracy and cover up is still necessary and what exactly happened, and the Human rights like the right not to be mistreated, not to be discriminated, and the right to grow old together with his wife who is unscrupulously made to believe her husband has become delusional!

Hans Smedema asked on April 20th 2009 political asylum on Miami Airport, but was deported back after 28 weeks of detention because there was not enough proof the Dutch government was involved, although both the trials against his American CIA friend proof his case and the involvement of the Dutch government! Hans now lives separated from his wife as a fugitive in Spain still trying to get help and most important a lawyer!

No lawyer has ever been found who is willing or daring to defend Hans and his wife, even the famous Dutch mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz will only do the defensive appeal in the libel case against Hans by the rapist for a higher court. No organizations for victims have been found to help and are denied the right to help because of the ‘state security’; even Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch refuse assistance.