1.4 The Heroes!



The heroes in the ‘Dutch Queengate’!

There are not many who dared to help us, but here are a few real heroes without fear for this Royal Criminal Organization Mengele’ inside the Dutch Justice department.

For all these hero’s I will ask for a medal of Honor and full damages refund if they had that.

Cees van ‘t Hoog uit ‘t Harde, murdered in 1980!

My neighbor Cees van’t Hoog investigated the fact that the Dutch government covered all crimes up and left my wife pregnant from abusers, without acting. ‘Group Mengele’ members were able to kill him by secretly putting a drug in his glas which caused hart failure with the overdose and makes people following orders. So he gave his live for me and nobody knows about it. They also tried to kill me three times and by an ‘act of God’ I am still alive.

Captain, later Major Al Rust of Military CIA America

The next most important hero was a captain Al Rust, I think his name was ( or Cust or Just). He was in 1983/5 commander facilities of the 97th General Army Hospital in Frankfurt Germany. I did business with him and told him I had never done anything wrong. But when intelligence later had to screen me to get permission ‘all alarm bells went off’. They had access to the intelligence files of course, but the Dutch deleted quickly those files in three days. They checked everything and found out I really knew nothing at all about what happened to my girlfriend, later wife. I had never been treated by a psychiatrist or even a prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!!! Never signed a document giving my brother the right to decide for me either! But in the file the name Onno van der Hart and of my brother Johan Smedema was everywhere and he stated I signed a document which gave him certain rights, still unknown to me! . So they now knew the Dutch government and this psychiatrist and my brother were betraying me and my wife. The Americans now knew our children were not mine and told me I would never succeed in solving this crime. It could only be solved on a ministerial level. Also that this crime and cover up never could have happened in the USA. Run like h.ll, and become an American, and afterwards you can sent for your wife! By luck I got Rust in contact with his girlfriend, later wife, and they both invited me as a guest of honor at their wedding. I know he talked to this scrupulous Professor Onno van der Hart much later after being jailed, who denied everything of course. He also warned me I would probably get to this Professor, but said ‘that man is your enemy!’ Cust was fired without honor because the Dutch government kept silent about my case, so he could not prove he was right. After years and having to sell his house, he was able to get a copy from Germany and prove his case. He was rehabilitated and the American government paid damages. The scrupulous Dutch government still is trying to keep this from being published. The criminal cowards. I demand that mr. Rust be fully compensated and honored by the Dutch people, not the government. This will be in my soon coming biography ‘Fighting the unknown’. The total story is much more severe of course. Unbelievable, which is the problem and making it easy to deny everything for the Dutch government. He now lives in South Florida!
Around 1999 he or someone sent me a large document about his side of the story! The files were found by my Accountant and the secret service deleted all files and a CD!

His daughter Zoicite

The same for his daughter Zoicite who in 1996 came specially to the Netherlands and my hometown Drachten to find out why nobody in the Netherlands would help me and her father when they were fighting for their lives, and stop the crimes by the Dutch government and the scrupulous devilish psychiatrists like prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!. But again nobody believed her and my amnesia and suppression caused problems also, so she had to go back to America without help from anyone. Costs she had to pay for herself also! The cruel Dutch bastards! I will make sure she later is honored by the Dutch people (not the criminal government of course). If I can find her and still alive of course. Who knows her? Last known to live around Harlingen, Texas. They lived there in Rangerville from 1987 until 1996 I believe. This story was in the Valley Morning Star and many people read about it!

Former Ambassador to the Netherlands mr. Paul Bremer

Famous from ‘Governer Iraq’ ‘Ladies and gentlemen…, we got him!’ He interrogated me on June 14th, in a high level industrial club in Amsterdam. He warned me that if asked, America would have to help the Dutch with this conspiracy! Which they must have done in 1999 when finding the document from American Al Rust!

Elise B. from Uden, Netherlands

The most important Dutch hero and ‘whistle blower’, is a girl, named Elise B. from Uden, Netherlands.  She had a job at my brother mr. J. (Johan) Smedema in Gennep and was part-time official from the Ministry of Justice to make all actions from my brother Johan look legal. She had to sign a secrecy declaration and was very angry about what she got to know about me being betrayed by the Dutch government and this scrupulous brother. By pure luck, or an ‘Act of God’, being a headhunter, I placed her in 1999 somewhere else and afterwards she told me what happened to us with this conspiracy. As my memory only came back in march 2000, I at first didn’t believe her. She told me our children were not mine also. Last I checked she was sick at home and didn’t dare to tell me more on the phone. ‘Royal Criminal Organization Mengele’ and my cruel brother Johan will threaten her of course. I will demand she gets a medal for this heroic act and be fully compensated by the Dutch people also.

Head Prosecutor Mr. Ruud Rosingh, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Hero and ‘whistle blower’ Mr. W.R. (Ruud) Rosingh head prosecutor in Leeuwarden on 12th january1991, was almost a witness of the rape by two men of my wife in Leeuwarden and noticed we both knew nothing afterwards(severe suppression). Because he was a Rotary friend and by luck head prosecutor in this town, he started an investigation. But he was immediately removed from his job and moved to another town Zwolle, Netherlands on 25 February 1991! The investigation was canceled immediately also. No one came to ask us questions or warn us for being raped! After my wife being brutally raped by two (!) men AND noticing we knew nothing about it! The story was in the newspaper, but the Dutch government demanded the story to be deleted and changed into another one for the archives! So now the old story in 1991 looks different! I will demand that this hero is also fully compensated for any damages he had to endure, and gets a medal of honor from the Dutch people.

Secretary Stella van Arkel, Bergum, Netherlands

Another hero  and great witness was my secretary Stella van Arkel who warned me several times and even had my brother Marinus with manager Joop de Boer, catch rapist Rieks P. from Roden in the act in 1979! Which led to a child later! She also warned and even asked a psychiatrist to talk to me. But a brother Marinus did sent him away before he could talk to me. I knew nothing at the moment because of my immediate suppression and amnesia for everything involved with the abuse of my wife, and she the same. So a third child from a rapist was born. ‘Royal Criminal Organization Mengele’ was even able to get Stella fired for trying to help me! Just like Al Rust later in 1987! She also should be fully compensated and get a medal for it. She was married to Jan van Arkel, pilot Leeuwarden airbase.

Colleague or assistant GGZ Zwolle, Netherlands name still unknown!

Unknown hero and ‘whistle blower’. And in 1975 I had to go to a hospital for some talking about a first flashback. My memory was already coming back! But they secretly brought me to this devilish psychologist Onno van der Hart whom wanted me to sign a document, that I didn’t had to know what would be found by hypnoses. I refused for two hours of course, but later he was able to secretly mix a chemical (causing memory loss) into my drink and I did sign against my free will. An assistant warned me later, she saw him do this. She told me I should go to the police and that this psychologist was suddenly and temporarily for two weeks placed into their town and they had even filed a complaint against this man! I know it is the devilish Prof.dr. Onno van der Hart, who is the ‘Mengele’ of the ‘Group Mengele’ who have made our live into a disaster. Again these brave people who warned me, should be found and get compensated if necessary and get a medal of honor. Now I know what captain Rust meant with his remark ‘this could never happen in the states.’ She also tried to file charges against Onno van der Hart, but I only got a phone call and with my suppression and selective amnesia could not confirm enough.

Unknown hero at GGZ Drachten, Netherlands

An unknown person hero and whistle blower sent me a letter with a lot of details about the cover up, the children and the involvement of the GGZ (mental help organization from the government) Drachten. We knew nothing about it, so we thought this could not be true. Who would believe the Dutch government, Justice department, family and psychiatrists would betray innocent victims in the Netherlands? Unbelievable. So later we got rid of it. Too bad now, but he or she should be found and honored also. It was an heroic act to go against the government! What happened to him or her? Fired also for being honest?

Nel Veder-Smit, VVD liberal party

Hero! I was around 1976 misled by my cruel brothers and had to visit the Justice Department for my work. But was drugged to make my memory forget everything, was in a big meeting (a special committee of Justice) and didn’t understand a thing of course with my amnesia ans suppression for everything combined with the drug, but ONE woman politician discovered the fact I was unaware and refused to give her vote. This will have been Nel Veder-Smit who was asked by the parents of my wife to try to stop them. This must have been the start of me being secretly denied all rights, while in 1975 my memory already started coming back, but was brainwashed by this devilish psychiatrist Onno van der Hart to forget everything. So we now were helpless and defenseless.

Unknown woman Drachten, Netherlands

Hero! She tried to hand me documents about the medical files and more, days before I left the Netherlands to ask for Political asylum on April 20th 2009 in Miami Florida. A wrong sentence made me think it were Jehova’s!

More later….

Hans Smedema B.Sc.

Copyright 2010 Hans Smedema, Parcent, Spain