1.5 Media refuse to publish!


Media refuse to publish!censorship

Strange enough the dutch media refuse to publish this perfect crime of the century.

The largest Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ knows about this horror story, but it seems they made arrangements with the government about not publishing about this cover up. I did talk for an hour with crime journalist mr. John van den Heuvel, but to no avail.

A newspaper in the Provence of Friesland where I live doesn’t publish it either. And I know the head editor myself. He thinks I should leave it and do nothing! But I know the State had an article about this head prosecutor, who was denied the right to investigate the rape by two men of my defenseless wife with witnesses, secretly replaced in 1991. The page was reprinted! They must be very afraid to do such a thing.

So the crime of a century, and I am not allowed to seek some justice? Let alone some information about why and what happened really?

And of course, now nobody knows much about this kind of crimes. That innocent girls get a drug which makes them lose their memory and makes them follow orders from the abusers, is well known now. But mind control and mental hostage after longer abuse, is not known enough. At least here in Holland nobody talks about this. Not sure if in the USA this is known. My girlfriend got a double personality from the severe trauma. And the perpetrators and rapist knew this would happen! I heard one of them talking about how good it was when the trauma was more severe! I knew here for a year and still she came home weekends without warning us. She instantly forgot when she left him. But a phone call (mental hostage) was enough to make her go somewhere.

For the newspapers the following is no news?

  • The fact that a girl can do ‘things’ for a year and not know it herself?
  • Not be warned by her family and the justice department after finding out about it?
  • A cover up so she was helpless and defenseless and so got children from abusers?
  • Police were warned for a hostage situation, but left us with the abusers both drugged and half sleeping?
  • For thirty years she could be abused almost right under my nose?
  • I myself got also suppression and so we were both helpless without treatment.
  • I was made infertile but we both thought the children were mine!
  • My wife still thinks the children are mine because all still keep silent and betray us! DNA test falsified. No news.
  • I am declared paranoid because of the lying of my and her family! And the State itself.
  • I lost my top job because I can’t understand why they lie like that? An insurance company is paying me now.
  • No layer will help us because they think I am insane? Guilty without a trial!
  • The newspaper from Leeuwarden, published an article about the head prosecutor having to stop an investigation about the rape by two men with several witnesses. But was ordered by the State to change the archive about it! The story is gone! So newspapers are helping, or have to help, this cover up to go on and on. The Dutch people are still unaware about this unbelievable crimes.
  • I accused the Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende of treason to the unaware Dutch people!

And much more of course.

When you can, try to get this into the news somewhere.

Hans Smedema B. Sc.