Up to €1.000.000 rewards!


I, Hans Smedema, officially declare, that I give up to 1.000.000 euro on rewards to those people who are willing to help and proof part of what has happened to me and my poor wife.

There is one big problem (!) with that promise. At the moment there is no money to do so! But I probably have the right to be paid damages by the Dutch State of the Netherlands of between 1 and 3 million euro, but cannot force them yet to pay me without a lawyer. And the Dutch lawyers don’t believe me they tell me, although it is easy to proof using legal force. Could also be they are not allowed to help me. But even then I would like to know who and how this bizarre story could have happened.

So when I get paid damages by the State of the Netherlands, I am willing to pay rewards to those people helping me getting proof and more information! Other victims of the State were Fred Spijkers and Willem Oltmans who got 1,5 and more million guilders without the legal fees! And these crimes are much more severe.

And there is another way of paying those large rewards. That is when my story and book gets known more widely and gets translated in English. It is available in Dutch know. That is, part 1. Through my dutch site www.vechtentegenhetonbekende.nl and the shop http://boek.vechtentegenhetonbekende.nl it can be bought already, but again it is in Dutch only for the moment. Almost certain there will be made a film about it also. So a lot of money involved later.

So depending on the amount of money coming in, I can pay rewards. And I will give away a lot of what is coming in. And I will put that in writing!

To make sure that is possible, I sold the rights of this story to the ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ and made the official announcement on my Dutch site also. A lot of money could and will be involved. Hundreds of thousands of euro on rewards only. I am to old (59) to have much use of a lot of money. So I will use some for myself and my wife of course, but the rest will go to those who help us and other victims of amnesia. Therefore the Foundation.

To name a few:

  • Elsewhere on this Blog is the story about Zoicite and her father Al Rust, and his wife. I plan on making available 50.000 to 100.000 euro to Zoicite and/or her family, maybe more. Depending on how much money will be coming in later. Who can find her? A (much) smaller reward for him or her also. She could be in danger!
  • Elise B., a prime witness here in the Netherlands will get 50.000 euro or so, depending on how much is coming in. She knew that my own brother was betraying us, and did know that the Dutch Justice Department and secret service was involved in the cover-up. A crucial witness and I hope she can stay alive long enough.
  • Stella van Arkel in the Netherlands will also get a large amount for trying to help me long ago.
  • And a few more Dutch people.

Things to find out about, with value:

  • The whereabouts of Al Rust and his family, his daughter Zoicite and family. Look elsewhere in this Blog for a post about what I know about them! They lived in Texas Harlingen, a little place Rangerville! She was around 16 years in 1998 I think. Whe she came to the Netherlands to try to talk to me about my amnesia.
  • Who is able to give me copies of the legal files. Elsewhere more info on that too. Baker Bros from Stoughton Massachusetts near Boston was the one filing charges. Company doesn’t exist anymore. Taken over and merged. Mefiag name from the plating industry. So the file should be there normally, unless the secret service took it away. But it will leave a trail of course. Anything has value.
  • Al Rust was put in jail when he only helped me. He was with the Military Intelligence near Chicago in 1987. Who has information about that and his lawyer then. That lawyer knows a lot about him and myself! A special lawyer, because it was intelligence and military work.
  • And there were made illegal porn movies about us. Rape movies and others. But that will be difficult to find. I know something about them, so contact me, when you are able to get to those old illegal movies!

Some information is here on the blog, and contact me when you want to have specific information. Maybe I have more.

My e-mail is [email protected]

Adress: Hans Smedema, Sydwende 97, 9204KD Drachten, Netherlands. Telephone: +31 8 50020514 or direct to Spain +34 966405023