J’Accuse Dutch Queen Beatrix


J’Accuse Dutch Queen Beatrix

Degradation Alfred Dreyfus

‘Never in world history…

has a single loving couple…
been betrayed so badly…
for so long…
by so many…!  Hans Smedema

I accuse Dutch Queen Beatrix and the Dutch state of the following

Queen Juliana
Queen juliana.
Dutch Queen Beatrix
Dutch Queen Beatrix

“If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.” – French author Emile Zola from the famous French Dreyfus-affair

  1. Betraying Hans Smedema and his wife, and committing high treason to both the Dutch and American people, by hiding crucial information about crimes from them.
  2. Also betraying Asylum Judge Rex Ford in Miami Florida by keeping crucial information from him about the asylum case of Hans Smedema in 2009.
  3. Allowing rape and children from rapist by not prosecuting the rapist and abusers and hiding the crimes during now 40 years.
  4. Approving a special secret organisation inside the Ministry of Justice which together with a secret service was ordered to hide all evidence about the betrayal against Hans Smedema and his wife, just to make sure the Dutch people would never find out about this horrifying conspiracy. Only to protect her own name from being involved!
  5. Betraying the innocent American military CIA Major Al Rust(and therefore the whole American people) by hiding crucial information from American judges, causing ten years of innocent suffering!
  6. Allowing severe suffering for many years by victims like Hans Smedema and his wife, Major Al Rust, and many unknown others, only to protect the name of former Queen Juliana! This is sickening and disgusting behavior from a Queen and must be severely punished by an international tribunal.
Dr. R.F.M. Ruud Lubbers
Dr. R.F.M. Ruud Lubbers

The simple special signature of an betrayed Queen Juliana(Former Prime Minister Lubbers involved) must have been the start of this horrifying conspiracy which started in 1973. Only protecting her name was the reason for this conspiracy and cover up, which made it suddenly state security, causing unbelievable suffering for all innocent victims and losing crucial civil rights like the right to legal help.  The Convention against Torture can not be used because approval by the Dutch Queen made the conspiracy legal! That fact makes the current Royal house and Queen Beatrix together with the Dutch state, responsible. Looking the other way, or hiding behind being inviolable is not acceptable anymore. She has to step down.

All this makes this horrifying case much more severe then the famous French ‘Dreyfus-affair’ and ‘The Trial’ from Franz Kafka, because Hans and his wife are still not to know what really happened! They both still have to fight the unknown and suffer enormously separated from each other!

More specific crimes were

  1. her mother Queen Juliana around 1973 and/or 1975, betrayed by my brother mr. Johan Smedema, from Gennep, Netherlands, brother in law Tjitte de Jong from Norg, Netherlands together with other family members, and people from the Justice department,  must have signed a special ruling against Hans Smedema and his wife.
  2. This special ruling has taken away crucial civil laws from Hans Smedema and his wife, and placed them under a secret protection. Both were not allowed to know this crucial fact.
  3. The Freedom of Information Act(Dutch WOB) was set aside, prosecution of the rapist and abusers was not allowed and all went free!
  4. A special department inside the Ministry of Justice was ordered to take care of all hiding of evidence, manipulating of evidence, and falsifying evidence if necessary. A secret service was gathering information and assisting betraying the innocent victims and the Dutch people.
  5. Specific the fact that they both were the victims of cruel abuse and rape, suffered from severe suppression, the fact Hans was made infertile in 1972, and his wife had a recallable emotional personality(sex-slave), was hidden from them during 28 years! That she could be raped without afterwards knowing this crucial fact, and not be able to file charges, was hidden and all rapist were never prosecuted.
  6. Three children from rapist were born without telling or at least warning the couple who thought the children were from Hans himself.
  7. His wife is made to believe that her husband has suddenly become ‘insane’ and her children are his own children! DNA test, MRI scan, and medical files were falsified by the secret organisation inside the Ministry of Justice! So they are deliberately manipulated to fight each other, only because of lies and betrayal. Hans now knows the truth, but she doesn’t because of the cover up and fights her own husband!
  8. Lawyers are not allowed to give legal help because it has become state security with the name of the Queen involved now. Normal human rights were taken away! Nothing to do with both innocent unaware victims of course!
  9. Hans Smedema is also not allowed to file charges against their rapist and fathers of their children! While those rapist and others are allowed to file charges against him. Making defense against them impossible with all evidence hidden or falsified.
  10. American friend of Hans, Military CIA major Al Rust was because of the betrayal by the Dutch ‘Crown’ and Queen Beatrix, completely innocent dishonorable fired while only trying to help Hans Smedema, and had to suffer with his family for ten years before he was able to proof his case with a copy of the secret Dutch file about Hans Smedema and his wife! This is also betrayal and high treason against the American people!
  11. Shocking is the difference between how openly, honest and for all to see, Hans Smedema is trying to fight back to their unknown enemies(Kafka), and the disgusting and sickening way Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Ministers have been secretly betraying and hiding all crucial information from both Hans Smedema and all the Dutch people. And using secretly many millions(5 to 10) tax money to do so, without even informing the Dutch people.
  12. Hans Smedema had to stop working as a high level headhunter in the North of the Netherlands, just because nobody told hem what really happened! Kafka! Only income loss is over 1 million euro!
  13. On the Dutch Blog hanssmedema.eu is more detailed information and accusations available.


That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government or new legal rules, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. (American declaration of Independence)

  1. State security is removed as a reason for the conspiracy!
  2. Dutch Queen Beatrix has to open up all her files about this case and publicly apologize to Hans Smedema, his wife and the Dutch people!
  3. Also apologize to American Al Rust and the American people!
  4. She has to step down and new laws have to make sure this can never happen again, or even better the Dutch Republic should be founded now.
  5. All secret files about this case are made public instantly.
  6. An international tribunal will charge Queen Beatrix and all others involved.
  7. All victims are compensated in full with a fine of 100% by the Queen herself, including American victims and unnecessary costs made by the American state. Estimate for Hans Smedema only between 2 and 3 million in direct damages.

‘History has proven always to be on the side of those who seek justice!’ President Obama

English translation ‘Fighting the Unknown’ part 1 and 2 are now available as Ebook. Dutch Ebooks ‘Vechten tegen het onbekende’ part 1, 2 and 3 are also available through:

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Review of the book by the translator:

‘It is a story that will arouse horrified fascination. I stayed up late reading last night; I had to force myself to stop. Yes, it’s hard to believe these things could really be happening to someone. I like your writing style; it is very direct and very accessible to the reader, like you’re right there, talking, and this makes it very compelling to keep reading. The dark world of pornography is permeated through our culture and has so many hidden layers that would shock the average person. We’ve all heard the expression “truth is stranger than fiction”; this goes beyond all sinister imagination…’

Hans Smedema, Xalo/Jalon, Spain

Copyright Hans Smedema 2011