Situation report end of October 2014


Situation report end of October 2014

In the name of the people ©Steve Geshwister
In the name of the people ©Steve Geshwister

Short situation report for all involved or interested in my horrifying case.

Financial situation is very bad. Can only use credit cards for special causes. Will get trouble end of November unless my wife can pay.

I need help on legal issues. Lawyer would be great, but payment a problem until money from selling the book and movie rights comes in. Which can be done fast(weeks) with proof of my story.

Will divorce when no help in the coming week. Give my full pension to convert to pensioen for my wife. The best I can do for her. I will live of my state pension only. She will stay  in Drachten and I will go to Spain, Benidorm I think.

Total situation good after proof of my story! Many claims also possible on several issues. Millions. Estimate 5 – 10 million from the Dutch government and others. And possible the same from selling the rights of the books and movie.

So a loan could be possible with high pay back shortly. Double or triple.

I need that to be able to keep fighting the corrupt Dutch behind this. Lawyer outside Netherlands, and other legal help. Claims should be filed and forced.

Could do crowdfunding or similar.

Anybody willing to help please contact me.