3.1 Political Asylum Hans Smedema


Political Asylum in Broward Transitonal Centre Pompano Beach Florida, USA

Degradation Alfred Dreyfus

Here some more detailed information about my asylum case and partly mistreatment in BTC Pompano Beach Florida.

Important to know is that I need to find another country that wants to protect me against this unbelievable Dutch conspiracy, or Dutch Queengate. My normal civil rights are taken away from me and the Dutch secret service has orders to make sure I will never be able to proof this.

  • DNA tests, MRI scan and much more are manipulated and falsified!
  • The right to file charges against criminals who raped my wife and made me infertile and much more, is denied to me!
  • The fact my wife is sick with an extra recallable emotional personality(dissociation) and doesn’t know she has children from rapist, is hidden from her WITHOUT telling me that crucial fact since 1972! We were defenseless against all rapist! She is made to believe her husband Hans Smedema has become delusional!
  • Police and Justice department refuse to investigate, stating my story is to unbelievable! Whistle blower Elise B. from Uden, Netherlands confirmed the involvement from the Ministry of Justice covering up all evidence together with a secret service!
  • Physicians state it is possible and that is scientifically proven. Amnesia and severe suppression for 28 years, and my wife a double personality! She needs treatment, which she will never get in the Netherlands!
  • Psychiatrists have the right information and proof in their files according to a ‘whistle blower’, but are hiding this crucial information!
  • Dutch media are not allowed to publish about this cruel story, because the Dutch Queen Juliana was betrayed with false documents and signed a special ruling. Now all officials have to protect her by law! Freedom of Information Act has been nullified when the Queen is involved!
  • Lawyers refuse to aid us, or are not allowed to with probably state security as a reason. Old Queen signed something, and nobody is to know this big mistake.
  • I was sentenced without a lawyer present, and have to pay the rapists of my wife 2300 euro, while all defenses were denied! No witnesses, dna test and much more allowed! How can I defend myself and my unknowing wife like that?
  • Even America has to help the Dutch with this conspiracy according to former USA Ambassador to the Netherlands, Paul Bremer. He warned me, but is probably not allowed to talk openly yet. Only after asylum, can that be done.
  • My old friend Al Rust, Military Intelligence in 1986/87, suffered(innocently fired) also for almost 10 years, and only won his case at last by having the secret and deleted file from my(!) Dutch case transported from Frankfurt to Washington by an CIA operation! Not to be publicly told of course.

After arriving on Miami Airport on April 20th 2009 at 15.30 hours, I was taken just outside the plane by Border Patrol as a VIP to a waiting room, passing hundreds of waiting passengers, and treated very well.

Manager Brenda Cruz took my sworn statement for Political Asylum based on mistreatment by the Dutch government. She had a large file and copies from my Blog ‘Fighting the unknown’ because I warned I was coming for asylum on my Blog. So I handed her my in the Netherlands prepared file I-589 for Asylum: i-589OrigineelWebversie together with the very important Supplement B, which explaines in detail everything and is a great resume of everything:Supplement B Form IWebversie

Next they had to decide if they would put me free immediately or first have me transported to Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach Florida. They decided for BTC and were still very nice and normal Americans. But after arriving in BTC that changed dramatically, but I told you about that in other posts earlier. I will now focus on the court-case.

There were 4 sessions in 6 months:

  1. May 15th 2009 for only again a sworn statement and some names, passport stuff and dates.
  2. June 10th 2009 for an in-depth questioning! 3 people watching in the back, who were NOT explained to me by judge Rex Ford. Went very well and everybody was positive.
  3. July 16th and now with lawyer Chandler Finley, but rescheduled as the positive mental evaluation from Joseph James, did not arrive with the Judge.
  4. September 17th rescheduled to October 5th, again rescheduled to October 13th 2009.

So I was brought to an external psychiatrist with handcuffs and footshackels! For independent ‘Mental Evaluation!’ In the public(!) waiting-room I heard talking about me being a severe criminal! I talked for 15 minutes with a beautiful assistant who didn’t understand why I was there at all? There is nothing wrong with you! No I only asked for Asylum, that is all. And why the hand- and foot cuffs? I don’t know, looks to be standard in America? Next only 10-15 minutes with a psychiatrist from Compass Heath center Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He looked at my book I showed him, told him there was enough proof already with a scar and made infertile, but I later found out I was declared ‘psychotic/Delusional’ by him! No normal sane psychiatrist would ever declare someone insane in 10-15 minutes? So he must have had old documents from the Netherlands which he took for granted without checking! And I specific came to America for proving that I was not psychotic, but a normal and sane man with only a sick woman. 80% what I tell about is what was done to my wife!


Before the last one I had Finley sent the court my final statement and all the documents for proof and evidence who were legally translated.


In my ‘Final Stament’ I gave some explanation:

  1. Legal translation, speeks for itself
  2. Dutch Prime Minister JP Balkenende, means he is ‘deaf to the voice of justice!’
  3. Urologist who confirms my suspicion of being made infertile!
  4. De Groot who had to burn away this scar! But doesn’t call it a scar! Why?
  5. DiaSana who was forced to manipulate the MRI scan. Nothing visible, but scar and funicles blocked should have been visible!
  6. Surgeon Looyen, who did hide the fact it was a SCAR! Why? Another surgeon ‘Hermsen’ called it a badly stiched scar!
  7. Motion from lawyer Finley. 8 also.

So the fact that DiaSana had to falsify the MRI scan proves that the Government is involved? And why did a surgeon hide the fact it was a scar? who ordered them to do so? And why does the prime Minister hide all this for his own people? And why does the Queen not answer to my plead for help? What had to be burned away if not a scar? Why did urologist Smorenburg refuse to investigate more, which he himself earlier suggested?

Many, many questions without answers and justice department and police, including judges, deny me the right to any official investigation!

More later…

Hans Smedema, Parcent, Spain                       Copyright 2009 Hans Smedema, Parcent, Spain