4.3 The lying Dutchmen?


The lying Dutchmen? Degradation_alfred_dreyfus

There is this saying ‘The flying Dutchman’ which is about a ghost boat.But here we can talk about ‘The lying Dutchmen’ or the ‘Dutch Watergate’.

Can you think of your own justice department working to cover up sexual crimes? Not telling you being a victim with amnesia and suppression for those crimes? No? Well in this case they sure are. It looks as if you are living in an upside down world. Every thing what should be normal, happens upside down in this case.

  • It would be normal to fight against crime? not in this case, a ‘Group Mengele’ high in the Justice department is doing all they can to cover up these horrible crimes.
  • It would be normal for your family to warn you for being abused and not knowing about it afterwards? Even with pictures from it? Not in this case. They lied to us from 1972, and still do. Even when my memory came back and I know most of what happened. Not a word! My wife still thinks I must be crazy!
  • It would be normal for a police department to help you against abusers? Not in this case. They are not allowed to warn us or tell us anything, from ‘above’!
  • It would be normal for a home physician to warn you your first child is not from the expected father? My wife insisted she had never gone with anyone else but me! Not in this case. He kept silent and did not warn her or me, that my wife could be abused any time an abuser would use some force was kept from us also. Not crucial information according to him!
  • It would be normal for the police or justice department to warn us or make sure we got medical treatment at last after being drugged and secretly used for a rapemovie? Not in this case. They were warned by the neighbors, but they made sure all kept silent about it! No medical treatment, no warning, no extra security, nothing at all!
  • It would be normal to warn us before a sister secretly drives away an unborn child form us? Not in this case. She did and all kept silent about it. No treatment, nothing at all. No warning, nothing. Not even an investigation because they now knew I was infertile!
  • it would be normal to warn us when a second child was born and again turned secretly (!) out not to be from me? Not in this case. They again kept silent. No treatment, nothing at all. Not even warnings about our security.
  • It would be again normal for another new home physician to warn us and have us treated when he reads in a secret paper about what the justice department and government is doing to us? Not in this case where everything is upside down.
  • it would be normal for a family to warn and help us after a brother of mine finds a man abusing my wife, and finds out she doesn’t remember it afterwards? Not in this case. He denies everything now, but we got no medical treatment, no warnings, nothing at all. The kept the cover up going on, that was all the did? Why? I don’t know for sure. Fear maybe? To late now t tell us, we would be angry?
  • It would be normal to warn us after it turns out the abuser made her a child, because at the moment of the rape she was trying to get a child from me? Not in this case. They left us thinking it was my third child.
  • It would be normal for police or justice dept or family to take action on our security to prevent more abuse of my wife? Not in this case. A neighbor could abuse my wife, because I didn’t know she was helpless against anybody using some force against her. I didn’t know! So he was the father of our fifth pregnancy, which my wife decided not to have and have aborted.
  • It would be normal to warn us we again had a child from somebody unknown? And file charges against him? Not in this case. They did nothing at all. Just strengthen the cover up!
  • it would be normal to tell us after my memory came back what really happened to us? No, not in this case where everything is upside down. The still keep silent an deny us the right to know what happened and why. So my wife thinks I am insane! Her memory still is not back and with all the lying she never will of course. The many traumas cause even more amnesia. Which is exactly what this devilish professor dr. Onno van der Hart wants of course.
  • It would be normal to tell us what happened when my wife is about to leave me? Not in this case. They keep lying to her and rather have us divorce then simply telling the truth.
  • it would be normal at last to tell us the truth when at last I get sick and am not able to work anymore? Not in this case. They think it is great, because it will make sure I don’t have the money to get lawyers or other help. And they all party on like nothing happened. The sicker I get, the less chance it will come out in the open!
  • It would be normal not to involve our children from abusers in this cover up? Not in this case. The family has misinformed our children, when we were still not able to tell them what is happening and are using them against their parents! So the family is now completely separated and we don’t trust each other anymore. I know a lot, but the children keep silent and lie to their mother and me. Or maybe they simply don’t believe me? But they refuse to talk to me about it. Why? Unknown!
  • It would be normal for lawyers to help victims? Not in this case. In over three years hundreds of lawyers refuse to help us. They are to busy, not their specialty, to difficult, etc. Even an appointed lawyer by law refuses to help and wants me to first prove my case, before he will help me prove my case! Who is insane here? A scar and a written report from a physician is not enough? No!
  • It would be normal for politicians to help us by asking questions? Not in this case. They refuse to even hear me or listen to what I am trying to tell them. Even Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende refuses to act. He asked minister Donner of the justice department, but to no avail. Nothing happened. They think they can get away with it? Or they are misled? They tell them my wife did this on purpose? Getting children from abusers? Or they falsified the DNA test secretly and now use it to prove I am insane? The justice department can prove almost anything when they want to?
  • It is normal for people in a country to help victims? Not in this case. Nobody offered me any help at all. All I get is falsified tests. An MRI scan report denying I had a scar and my balls were made infertile was falsified. I have prove of that, as another physician made a written report I was probably made infertile.
  • It would be normal for psychiatrist after being warned my wife had a second personality, to listen after a while? Not in this case. Instead they declared me insane! And are trying to have me locked up! And treated by injection with a poison they call a medicine. You have witnesses? You know the abusers and fathers of your children by name and address? Not our problem, we are no police. Do you have written prove yet? No? You don’t like to go to the rapist asking them kindly to give you prove of their rape in writing? In that case you are insane and we will treat you for that even against your own will!
  • It would be normal not to let innocent bystanders like captain Cust be fired and having years of trouble getting a job again, selling their house to live, all because the devilish Dutch government doesn’t want to state that he was right all along? And that I and my wife were the victim of the most cruel crime in history maybe? It started in 1972! And is still going on. Only because captain Cust made a copy of the file, just before the Dutch deleted it, he later was able to prove his case and was completely rehabilitated. Which I want too of course and I want all names of those criminals who made this possible by looking the other way.

More later……

Hans Smedema B. Sc. Copyright 2007 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands.