4.2 J’accuse Prime Minister!


J’accuse, or I accuse the Dutch Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende,Degradation_alfred_dreyfus

other Ministers and/or the State of the Netherlands of treason and betrayal during more then 35 years.

I accuse them of the following crimes:

Jan Peter Balkende
Jan Peter Balkende
  • Lying to and betraying the European Court for Human Rights about my case. They didn’t tell them I was unaware of signing any documents! They didn’t tell them I never in free will signed one or more documents giving away my legal rights. And they never told them my wife was allowed to be raped and abused by men, without any investigation. Even more disgusting, investigations were stopped by them. They must have given them false information I signed documents and was at a meeting of the commission of Justice myself giving them the right to decide for me? Insane and a woman politician was the witness of the fact I didn’t even understand what was happening. Like forcing a signature from someone in coma.
  • Lying to me and my wife about crimes against us both. Letting us believe nothing happened, so we were unable to fight the rapist.
  • Making sure the Dutch media would not publish about these crimes against certain inhabitants of the Netherlands. Even changing a newspaper and deleting certain articles about a head prosecutor and an investigation stopped.
  • Keeping the Dutch people unaware about these crimes against Hans en W. Smedema and more still unknown victims. This is not the only cover up of crimes. I call this treason against the Dutch people.
  • Stopping an investigation about the rape by two men of my helpless wife January 12th 1991 Oranje Hotel Leeuwarden, started by Rotary member and head prosecutor mr W.R. (Ruud) Rosing Leeuwarden. When he refused to stop the investigation he was moved to another town immediately. Permitting rape again and again (for 30 years) is a crime against humanity and treason against the unaware Dutch people and other victims.
  • Making sure we never did get any medical help, not even when my memory came back in 2000. We both never got any medical help in those 30 years. Only psychiatrist Onno van der Hart was allowed to betray us and giving his permission to cover all up.
  • Letting all the rapist and abusers, and fathers of the three children go free. Not one has ever been charged for the crimes they did to us. And force was needed at first as several witnesses told me. Treason by secretly taking away all our rights, without telling us those crucial facts. So we were unable to defend our selfs! And that is still the case now!
  • Allowing me to be betrayed and without knowing it, give permission for politicians, and/or the Justice department, to betray us and more unknown items. They knew I was unaware about the real reason for the meeting, I was first drugged causing me unable to think straight and forget everything, and a woman politician refused to agree when she noticed I was completely unaware about all. That is betrayal of me, causing great problems and years of rape of my helpless wife. The right to defend my wife, was taken away from me. The right to have medical treatment was also taken away from me. The right to see my own medical files was taken away from me.
  • Ordering the Dutch secret service to delete all files about these crimes, and denying us all information about what happened with great emotional and financial damage to our lives. Also ordering them to falsify any proof of these crimes against us. Also mental torture which is not allowed and against Human Rights.
  • Making legally sure no lawyer could ever help us by unknown secret laws. Nobody even tells us what is happening. Asking for political asylum is all what is left for me.
  • Letting my wife believe I am insane, and causing great injustice and torture for us both and what is left to my poor family. She is deeply depressed about all this betraying, as am I. My family is torn apart by this lying and betraying, and not one politician or Minister is ‘man’ enough to stop this injustice and scrupulous behavior.

Mister Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende together with other Ministers is at the moment the man responsible for keeping this cover up in tact. So he should be asked by reporters why he does such immoral and criminal act. Is he afraid for the truth to come out? He states that he is very ethical and that a real honest country makes sure justice is done. Huh, how can he say that when he makes sure this cover up and crimes done against innocent Dutch victims, is going on and on? Making it more and more a torture for us? Letting an innocent etical person like Al Rust suffer badly for many years? Without acting even now?

I suspect former Prime Minister Lubbers to be the initiator who got the Queen involved!

Dr. R.F.M. Ruud Lubbers
Dr. R.F.M. Ruud Lubbers
Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Prime Minister Mark Rutte did the same later!

More later..

Hans Smedema copyright 2007 Hans Smedema, Drachten, Netherlands All rights reserved.