4.1 J’accuse ‘O van der Hart’


J’Accuse Dutch Prof. dr. Onno van der HartDegradation_alfred_dreyfus

I accuse mister Professor dr. Onno van der Hart, an international well known specialist in dissociation, of having betrayed me, drugging me, pressed me to sign an unknown document, which gave him the right to betray me for the rest of my life legally. This devilish professor lives in the Netherlands and works at the University of Utrecht.My own investigation has revealed that this devilish Prof.dr. Onno van der Hart, is the psychiatrist who drugged me in 1975 to get a falsified document. This document gave him in 1975 the right to keep silent about all criminal acts done to us both. And cover all tracks, lie about the fact that our first child was not mine, that I had been made sterile, that my wife could be abused without her knowing afterwards (double personality), falsify future tests together with the justice department, keep silent about the fact I suppressed all information (amnesia) about the abuse of my wife, and so on.

He got a paid for his crimes, probably by donating funds to make him dr. or professor starting in 1975 and later.

Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart
Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart

In 1973 he must have been asked to cover up the fact my wife was abused for a year in Utrecht, had severe suppression, amnesia and even an double ’emotional personality’. This fact made it possible for abusers to keep abusing or raping my girl friend, later wife. We married without knowing anything. So her first child was not mine, as I was made secretly sterile in 1972 without us knowing this of course.

He made sure I got repeatedly brainwashed during all the years to keep my memory from coming back. And did this to my wife also. So defending my wife, was impossible for thirty years with everyone keeping silent about her abuse!

In fact he still is a member of this ‘Group Mengele’ as I have named them. They falsified a DNA test in the Netherlands or USA, an MRI scan in the Netherlands, lied about me being insane instead of telling us the truth. Tried to get me forced into a mental hospital, and more of those nice things to ‘help’ us after my memory came back in march 2000.

When screened in Germany in 1982 or so by the USA Intelligence, they asked me if I knew a prof.dr. Onno van der Hart, and I stated that I had never been treated by a psychiatrist and never signed any document. I knew nothing about him as he secretly forced me to sign a document while I thought I only met someone at a hospital! Later this devilish professor dr. Onno van der Hart lied to USA intelligence. Telling them he did not know me at all, while they knew his name was in the files many times en crucial in betraying me by the Dutch government itself.

A friend captain Cust was even fired disgracefully form intelligence and had to sell his house because the Dutch government and the justice department would not state he was right about me. This devilish professor dr. Onno van der Hart was the one making this all possible. He should be internationally banned and forced to give up his profession at once. I call him the ‘Dutch Mengele’.

We have three children from abusers and my wife thinks I am insane! While the one who is really insane is this internationally known devilish professor dr. Onno van der Hart himself. This crime is still going on, because everybody keeps silent and still lies about everything.

He refused to help me in 2006, when I asked him to help me and my wife. Somehow this ‘Group Mengele’ succeeded in getting several psychiatrist in declaring me insane from 2000 until now in 2007. How cruel can people be? I only was the victim of crimes, thats all and my memory came back. Thats not insane, but getting better. The fact I compare him with dr. Mengele from the concentration camps in the second world war, is right to the point.

Hans Smedema B. Sc. Copyright 2007-2010 Hans Smedema Drachten, Netherlands.