7 months in BTC!



7 months in BTC Broward Transitional Centre Pompano Beach Florida

After arriving on Miami airport on April 20th 2009 I was taken by 4 border agents and told to make a request at the airport or lose all rights. I did ask for Asylum and had to make sworn statement. I gave my application I-589 for Asylum based on mistreatment in the Netherlands.

Next I was taken to Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach Florida and was completely isolated from the outside world without any warning. In fact a light jail!


  • no Internet, all outside contacts denied, except some family visitors
  • almost no phones or working phones, and without a number to call or money for a card useless for me also
  • no access to my own large files with evidence, so I could not defend myself in court
  • no use of computer laptop with all my Dutch files about my complex case
  • no help at all from anyone
  • never has anyone ever asked any questions about this exceptional case, except for Judge Rex Ford who was, in my special case, the best Judge I ever spoke to! He took the time and listened very well! So only in America I was heard and treated like I was a normal person by this Judge Rex Ford!
  • sometimes treated like dogs without any respect at all, but some ‘guards’ were trying to help, but couldn’t.
  • put in handcuffs and foot-shackles and brought to a psychiatrist who declared me psychotic in 10 minutes, without ever talking to me about my case. He must have had Dutch files, but didn’t tell me that crucial fact. I could have told him the proof I have that I am not psychotic, but the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy together with severe suppression and amnesia for 28 years. Also that I came for Asylum just for getting help in breaking the conspiracy!
  • no access to my bank-accounts, so I could not pay my wife or Visa-card which was canceled later
  • no possibility to ask permission from my insurance company to be abroad for more than 3 months, causing them to stop paying our only income!
  • having only a few calls to my wife who had a nervous breakdown and no money in the Netherlands being sick with her double personality!
  • being among and treated like illegal detainees, although I came legal and never did anything wrong! Asking for Asylum is a crime in the USA!
  • being with only 10 white people between immigrants who were nicer than the staff or gards. Never saw anything of Florida and are banned from USA for 10 years after deportation.
  • Defenseless and helpless without my files and a lawyer who didn’t understand what was happening and left me simply sit there for almost 7 months without warning Amnesty International or journalists.
  • Paul Bremer and Government didn’t respond to questions from Judge and lawyer about CIA and Al Rust case!
  • A Lybrarian mrs. Balde Bataille charged me with a false and fraudulent accusation of having grabbed her and grabbed her ID. She also deleted the complaint against her on a computer and floppy disc. Management did nothing to prevent this! I could not file the complaint and my lawyer refused to do so either!
  • Only 4 hours of time for legal research and computer time for documents a week! You have 5, but one day is needed for ‘Banking’. Only 50$ a week maximum.
  • Anyone getting in this place is defenseless, unless someone outside helps them and has enough knowledge about the case.
  • Lawyer Linda Osberg asked me 20 to 50.000 US$. Another ‘Otris’ wanted 2000$ upfront, which is impossible without access to your account of course! With only 10 minutes for phonecalls if you can get to social worker, it is in fact almost impossible to find a good lawyer. You need internet and many contacts for that! Which is not allowed. Only people with outside help could do anything to free themselves.

All this can ONLY mean, that America has chosen to work with the Dutch conspiracy against the victims of this Dutch Watergate scandal. Deliberately they made my live impossible and kept me out of any outside contact for almost 7 months. Average 2 hours waiting in large lines for food, being mistreated by ‘Gards’ who assume you have done illegal things and have to be mistreated for doing so. No fruit and good food. To much organ meat caused attack the gout.

The fact that America and CIA didn’t open their files for me, meant I was not welcome. So I waived my right to appeal and left as fast as I could the USA!

I feel sorry for all those immigrants who are many times mistreated. After 25 years in the USA, they are simply deported back to Jamaica, or Mexico, or any country. Even after paying taxes and coming legal to the USA. All those stories are breathtaking! One woman tried to kill herself by hanging and many chose for deportation, because it is the only way to leave this country asap. Some Mexicans liked it there because they got free food en a free ticket home in three weeks maximum and would be back after a holiday at home, in the USA in some weeks, as they told me.

More later…

Hans Smedema              Copyright 2009 Hans Smedema, Drachten Netherlands