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‘Never in world history…
have so few…
been betrayed so badly…
for so long…
by so many…’ Hans Smedema

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After 28 years of marriage, Dutch successful businessman Hans Smedema finds out his wife had an extra double or emotional easy re-callable personality(sex-slave) and he was made secretly infertile before their marriage in 1972. Which was known by both their Family, Medici, Justice and close friends, but NEVER told to him or his wife. All three children were from rapist and his wife was defenseless against all rapist because of her total suppression(dissociation) of all abuses! Both were so horrifying traumatized they both developed amnesia for all abuse and therefore were defenseless for 28 years! 

When he saw her being raped he also suppressed everything, so charges could never be filed! Special (stupid) order(request of the family) from the Dutch Queen ordered police and justice NOT to prosecute any rapist! The unscrupulous conspiracy and cover-up is still ongoing and involves American hero ‘Al Rust’ who suffered for 10 years being innocently fired from Military CIA just because the Dutch Queen Beatrix refused to tell the truth! But he won his (appeal)case and got 10 years salary with a copy of the file from Hans Smedema which was hidden in Germany! EBooks about this horrifying story Part 1, 2 & 3.

Explanation suppression/amnesia Wikipedia: Dissociative amnesia

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‘History has proven always to be on the side of those looking for justice’ President Obama

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Dutch Hans Smedema has the right to Political Asylum according to Judge Rex Ford Miami Florida!

He believed the unbelievable story and found the request acceptable(!), but needed just more proof the Dutch Government is behind this conspiracy, which secret information is available at the CIA because of the trial and appeal against Al Rust, but is probably not allowed to be used against ‘The Netherlands’! Hans asked on April 20th 2009 on Miami Airport Political Asylum based on severe mistreatment by the Dutch Government! See Posts! But lacking that extra proof, Hans was deported back to the Netherlands where at least a hundred officials and people know about the involvement of the Government! Including the Dutch Queen and Ministers!

Up to 1.000.000 euro of rewards! See the special post about this.
A horror story about a Dutch true crime, still going on! A kind of Dutch ‘Watergate’ or in this case ‘Dutch Queengate’.

The following story is based on selective amnesia with severe suppression for me and my wife following traumatic crimes against us. My wife even developed a double or multiple personality. Not remembering all the abuses, she was defenseless, as was I with severe suppression not remembering her being raped and all the other many warning signs for 28 years!

Justice department together with the cruel Family has covered up all the crimes against us during now 36 years. So the rapist had the most helpless victims ever. We were completely defenseless against all those criminals with our selective amnesia and severe suppression.

This case is worse than the famous French Dreyfuss-affair!

A nice summary is in the Post: High Commissioner of Human Rights & Hans Smedema affair!

Unbelievable true crimehorror story because:

  • 28 years of selective amnesia and severe suppression caused 3 children form rapist! Unheard of and most psychiatrists still think this is impossible! So it is educational!
  • Family and Justice, together with physicians worked together to hide all the crimes from 1972, even now in 2011! Unbelievable and insane!
  • Our children are not mine, which is impossible according to my wife. She(her normal personality) has never had sex with others than me! According to her normal brain that is. As it turns out she has another double or re-callable emotional personality! But all involved deny that crucial fact to her/us which makes life a hell for us. We are being tortured or severely mistreated.
  • Hans is NOT allowed to file charges against the abusers of his defenseless wife. His wife is still defenseless not knowing what really happened to her.
  • No Lawyers willing to help us legally! Probably forbidden using Dutch State security as a false  reason! Hans is still searching for one! In other cases they do help, but refuse(!) to help with this ‘Big’ case against the Dutch State and Queen!
  • Psychiatrists declared Hans Smedema Paranoid, Schizophrenic and even Delusional. But University Groningen investigation stated the unbelievable crimes are possible, and tests show Hans is NOT paranoid or schizophrenic! He is still over average intelligent.
  • His wife still thinks Hans is insane based on the lies and betrayal, and tries to ‘help’ him by doing everything she can, to inform all contacts that her husband Hans is insane! So Hans is completely isolated.
  • Their marriage is breaking down, and they already live separate in two countries. Netherlands and Hans in Spain near Alicante.
  • Hans was member of the Liberal party for 30 years, but they refuse even one(!) appointment! And they know about this conspiracy and voted against it in 1975!
  • All politicians, specific the party leaders, refuse to talk to Hans Smedema! Hans now knows that politicians approved this conspiracy or cover-up in 1973 and 1975 and dont want to turn back on that wrong decision.
  • DNA father-ship tests are manipulated and falsified using state security as a reason, by the secret service and justice department!
  • MRI scan manipulated and falsified using State security again!
  • Physicians are asked to lie to Hans about being made infertile and having a scar. Nothing happened they tell him, no scar but normal skin damage! But it had to be burned away and one surgeon called it a badly stiched scar made on a mature age! Two Urologists confirm both testicles being blocked from outside!
  • Hans is already sentenced without a Lawyer and without witnesses and DNA tests allowed! Cover-up!
  • Dutch Media are not allowed to publish this unbelievable crimes lasting now for 36 years with state security as a false reason!
  • Former Queen Juliana must have signed a special ruling taking away crucial civil rights of Hans and his wife to protect those who ‘helped?’

Much more information on the other Pages and Posts.

Proof of this being a true crime and not delusional, is on the Post ‘Proof beyond reasonable doubt!’ and on the Post ‘K2 Private investigator report!’

Help urgently needed. We need more facts to come out and specially the connection with Americans Al Rust, his daughter Zoicite and former ambassador Paul Bremer, who talked to me about this on June 14th 1996 at 18.30 hours in Amsterdam. They were so, together with others, able to proof this case to American Military(Intelligence) judges and help Al Rust, being innocent and a victim of the scrupulous Dutch concerned.

Hans founded the ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ to protect his interests for the long run. It is the owner of all the book- and movie-rights of the horror story:

Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation

All this is copyright protected, but please send a link to every body interested. Specially the media, who refuse to publish anything about this in the Netherlands. The Dutch are not allowed to know about this story.

The more read about this horror story the better it is. Remember more girls could be warned by this story. Not many know what happened here with amnesia and a wife not knowing she is raped and has children from abusers, is possible.

This sequence of crimes is still ongoing!

Hans Smedema B. Sc., Dutch refugee!

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