Dutch Police court!


I have to appear on the 9th of February  2009 for a Dutch Police judge for obloquy, calumny and insult!

When our house which was sold in Mai 2008, was not paid, I had to drive back to the Netherlands to take care of things.

It turned out that the Dutch police and DA had me summoned to appear for a judge on February 9th 2009.  I had to ask for it myself, but only January 20th I could for the first time see into the Police file about what was the case.

The perpetrators who raped my wife, had filed charges against me beginning 2008 for naming their names on my site and Blog. The same ones I tried to file charges against in April 2000 and April 2004! And what was denied to me.

So far about justice in The Netherlands!

I still can’t find a lawyer willing to defend me! They have no time for me, or are not allowed because my wife was a client also, or want to do only this Police matter and not the real big case behind it, ask money before and my wife refuses to pay them from an account. Etc.

I am trying to get a Lawyer now from January 2004! And this is a legal battle, so it can only be solved by a Lawyer.

I can only hope the judge will grant me more time to try and find a lawyer. I think they assume Hans Smedema is a lunatic, so they are not allowed to assist a lunatic. But the point is, I want to fight against people trying to make me look like a lunatic.

Maybe, maybe one the best lawyers in the North of Holland, ‘Anker and Anker’ is willing to take my case, when the case is postponed to another date, more convenient to Lawyers. This was to short notice for them. And maybe they will see the problems I have, and from this case I can slowly move tot the big case behind it.

I was planning to ask for Political Asylum in the USA in a few weeks. Not sure how much time this will take. But if things look to get better over here, no need to go to the USA, so I will have to see about things here first.

Lots of information on the Dutch Blog with all the documents and more.

Hans Smedema, Drachten, Netherlands.