‘Dutch Queengate Conspiracy’?


More and more evidence is surfacing that something extraordinary must be the reason for me and my defenseless wife, being made outlaws outside the normal laws of The Netherlands. We are being treated as the enemies of the Dutch state, and being denied all normal human rights and any information. This could very well be the ‘Dutch Queengate Conspiracy’.

Look at the bizarre things the scrupulous Dutch did in our case:

  • Having me sign a paper without me ever seeing the contents, by my brother in 1973 before marrying.
  • Having me drugged by a secret and illegal operating psychiatrist prof.dr. Onno van der Hart on behave of the Dutch state. A scrupulous betrayer, who had me sign another document(there is a witness) almost certainly giving away the rights to decide over my own rights? I didn’t understand the document he made me sign while he used a drug that causes your memory to get lost. So I could never file charges against it later. Only a few years ago I found this out. The Dutch state was allowed to make decisions for and over me, like they do for my poor helpless wife until this very day!
  • They must have made the decision that my wife and myself, will never have any investigation on crimes made against us. We have become outlaws, without anyone telling or informing us! The Dutch bastards! Real scum.
  • This can only be done when they have to protect some very high from being connected to these crimes against us. I think this could be the Queen herself.
  • The Queen must have been asked to sign for making us special people, without normal rights! She will have done this thinking she helped us. But of course it only helped the rapist, who were now free to do anything to me and my wife. Her special ruling made us outlaws.
  • When my poor wife got her first child and it of course turned out to be not mine, they investigated and found out I was made infertile.
  • The stupid and scrupulous employees for the government, justice department, Ministers and maybe the Queen herself decided that leaving us both with amnesia and unknowing of what happened would be best for themselves. It would keep them from being connected to the crime of the century. Involving a girl with a double or emotional personality, is very rare and new. And the rest is a horror story.
  • By making the conspiracy even more an cover up, they also gave other rapist and porn criminals the advantage of secretly being able to get more and more other innocent girls working for them. Lover boys could be using the same techniques as were used for my helpless girlfriend. Use power and force, together with a drug, causing memory loss. Make sure the trauma is as heavy as possible and she will be your slave for ever. No questions asked. Her parents will ask themselves, what happened to our daughter? She doesn’t look the same daughter anymore. Which is true. And they will never know she has been taking mentally hostage!
  • The scrupulous Dutch Ministry of Justice keeps all this proof they have in their files from 1972(!)a secret. So no learning and no warning for innocent girls and victims. They don´t care in The Netherlands about little things like that. They only care for their own job, name and income. Real scum making lots of money. Integrity, ethical thinking, forget it. ‘Coward Country’ is a better name for ‘The Netherlands’. In Afganistan they have to ask the USA to shoot Taliban putting explosives in a road!bizarre but true.
  • And in the meantime I have to try and prove things that are already known in the secret files from this Dutch.
  • Investigations were forbidden. Rape was allowed! We had witnesses of a very high level and an investigation had been started, but had to be stopped at once from the highest level! To protect whom? The Queen?
  • All Dutch media refuse to publish this! What can make journalists NOT publish the crime of the century? The Queen?

Looking at this from some distance, and with a crucial information from someone I will not name until media and foreign newspapers are protecting us, I think that the Queen has been involved. Some idiot asked her to approve that their would never be any investigation, to make my poor helpless girlfriend and later wife think she was NOT ill and had severe suppression and a double or emotional personality making here defenseless against all rapist. And to make sure the Queen will never be connected to this severe stupidity, the Ministers of State, could only think Dutch. Meaning lie until you die. Think what would be ethical and do exactly the opposite! Almost standard behavior.

Can you imagen this stupidity? NOT telling someone she has a kind of tumor in her head causing her to be defenseless against rapist? A beautiful young girl? And later married and having children form rapist? And her scrupulous sisters and my family left her being raped hundreds of times, and having children form rapist?

And to top it of, when in 2000 my memory came back they decided to keep me unaware of what happened and made sure the media an lawyers would never help me legally. Real Dutch scum.

I will sent the Queen an ultimatum, and she has the choice, keeping up appearances and go on with this crime of the century, or be honest and show the integrity she verbally gives when giving her yearly speech in Parliament.

She is legally responsible for this if she signed a special ruling which caused our lives to be ruined completely. Of course the Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and his partners in crime, will do anything he can to prevent that from happening and that is why this scrupulous conspiracy was put in place long ago. In fact by law they are obliged to prevent this from happening. Well lets see who will win this case. My the lonely Hans Smedema fighting alone with only his brain, or the Dutch scrupulous state to protect the Queen? Who will nothing about this probably?

When the Queen didn’t keep track of what happened to us, she again is responsible. So when the prime Minister kept her far from all those crimes who were made in her name, she still is more or less responsible. She should have looked after us and not leave us defenseless in the hands of governmental idiots and normal thinking rapist.

Later more,

Hans Smedema Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema, Catral, Spain.