Evidence of illegal sterilization!


More and more evidence of me, Hans Smedema, being made sterile in 1972 by the rapist in the room of my girlfriend, are becoming known. He simply kept me sleeping for over two days! And with that the scrupulous Dutch state and specifically the Ministry of Justice become more and more involved in this crime of the century. Probably a ‘Dutch Queen gate’.

To recollect what is known about me being made infertile illegally and secretly until now:

  • I had this scar right between my legs, from scrotum to anus. About 7 cm. Unknown was how it got there. Not from a normal surgical operation.
  • A surgeon asked me ‘how did you get that badly stitched scar between your legs? It must have been when you were an adult, because I can see that very well.
  • An urologist felt both my funicles had a gap, which is very rare. So rare he was sure it was from a crime and put that in writing, which is my primary evidence until now!
  • A week or so later he refused to do further investigations. Almost certain the dutch state protecting the security of the state. Maybe the Queen, who could be responsible for the crime of a century against me and my poor wife for over 30 years! Leaving me an d my poor defenseless wife without a normal job, and living from a insurance payment! Why help victims, when you can lie to them? Real Dutch(inverse) thinking!
  • A MRI scan I asked for to proof my case was falsified and showed nothing and was made very vague on purpose. The radiologist who insisted doing it himself before, was suddenly called away, the assistant replaced by one from the justice department, and an old bastard from intelligence was watching everybody in the computer room. To make sure I got betrayed nicely with an falsified scan. The dutch scrupulous state at work, as always. And also betraying their own people! The full Dutch community!
  • Not being able to get legal help, or any help in The Netherlands, I fled to Spain, leaving my poop wife alone behind. She is told by justice, police, Medici and (old)friends that Hans Smedema is insane and making this up. So she would not come with me and prepares to live alone for the rest of her life. Crying a lot.
  • The first urologist asked for help in Spain refused to investigate me and simply laughed at me. He stated, the liar mr. Sanchos-Marcos from San Jaime Hospital in Torrevieja, that all men have a scar their! Mine had to be burned away, and to my knowledge, never on earth was this necessary.
  • And until now I found no man who had a visible scar there. This urologist was also simply refusing to take the perfect letter from my family doctor serious! An arrogant man, who should not receive money from me. He is not honest and betrays his own clients! Watch out for this man!
  • The second urologist looks to be honest! After an investigation with a contrast fluid he found that one of my testicles is abnormally completely blocked. The other looked open. He was sure this was from criminal activity and will write a report! He showed me the x-rays and will later do another investigation for proving the scar and what could have been done to me by the rapist and criminals. The report will be put up here at the end of September together with the other proof of betrayal by the Dutch state!
  • After that we will do another DNA father ship test for all our children outside the scrupulous Dutch influence of course. And double of course, with the second one on a secret place somewhere on this earth.

Mind you all this has not to be proved at all. All this information is secretly stored in the files for the Ministry of Justice. Those bastards there know all this and know I was infertile, and know that the children are not mine! Therefore they will never go to court with my case, and try to prevent lawyers from giving me legal help.

They even must have lied to the European Court for human Rights. I had to do that myself! Without any lawyer helping me! And lost because they stated, I should have first used all the legal possibilities in The Netherlands. Which is of course impossible without a lawyer! Stupid judges at the European Court? Or are crimes against our Human Rights with rape, legal after the Queen herself has approved no investigation will ever take place?

More later,

Hans Smedema Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema, Catral, Spain