1.9 Justice denied!


Justice denied!quotejefferson

In this unbelievable horror story a lot of things are denied to me, causing unbelievable injustice.

I even filed this case at the European Court for Human Rights, myself without any legal(!) help, but to no avail. The justice department must have sent them the wrong information about this case. I filed the case against the State of the Netherlands, so they would normally ask the State and the Justice department would of course answer. And I know from this witness, the Justice department itself is involved in this cover up. So they can sent anything and maybe simply state they are only helping my wife by keeping it silent? The reason is not given! So I can only guess. All real information is kept away from me.

Both our families keep silent also. Police is refusing to do an investigation and when I ask ‘did you ask the witnesses, I get the answer ‘we are not allowed to tell you that information’. Justice department refuses to do an investigation itself and a court denies me that right also. Could it simply be, that they hide behind my wife, who knows nothing at all yet, and is not able to file charges against anyone of course? How could she? Nobody tells her what really happened and all state I am insane. With her amnesia still in full force, she is helpless. So she has the choice believing me, or believing all the others, her sisters, my brothers, parents, friends, justice department (they would have done something if you were right), and many more.

I am alone in telling her what really happened and the children are not mine, the rapist told me that later. With the DNA test stating the kids are mine (falsified by order of the State?), I have no prove yet. But a lot of witnesses have stated they are not mine. And they don’t look like me at all, but look indeed like those rapist who told me so. And knowing ‘the justice department is involved’ and we are ‘a special project’, they must be hiding something worth hiding!

A US captain Rust with his boss head of logistics 97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt Germany, together with some people from intelligence, warned me also that all has been arranged, so I could better come to the US and sent for my wife later. I did business with him in Germany and ‘all alarm bells went off’ when intelligence checked my name in the Dutch files. I was involved in the porn industry according to those files, but had amnesia. The abusers made secretly rape movies! Asking some questions us intelligence found out I had never been ‘treated’ by a psychiatrist Onno van der Hart, but his name was all over the secret file, which was immediately (within three days) removed and deleted. So nobody was allowed to see it!

So my marriage has almost broken down. We live apart together. My, in fact her, kids from abusers, don’t believe me either. Although they must know a lot more, but keep silent also. So trust is gone between us now. My family is doomed now because the State is denying me my normal civil and human rights.

So I am denied help and justice in the following cases:

1. Police left us drugged after a warning my wife was taken hostage and abused in 1972 and parking my car across a road and completely blocking it, for one hour. The simply left us in the hands of the rapist making a rapemovie and I should visit the police next morning! After leaving the abusers went on with the illegal rapemovie of course.

2. Didn’t tell me my wife was brainwashed to a sex slave with amnesia (helpless & defenseless) when we married in 1973!

3. Didn’t tell me I myself had amnesia too and suppressed everything related to the abuse of my wife. So I too was defenseless. We were both an easy pray for every abuser and they knew there was a cover up, so nobody (!) could file charges ever. We had no rights anymore, but nobody told us that crucial fact. And no security of course.

4. Denied (medical) help when she was repeatedly abused after marriage. Simple therapy would have made the amnesia disappear in weeks with me, and months with her.

5. Denied help in 1975 after the first child turned out to be not mine. Cover up everything.

6. Denied me the right to protect my wife by not telling and refusing medical help to both of us!

7. Denied help when two men tried to murder me in 1975 by using overdoses drugs. I still live because a woman called the police. The files are now gone! Deleted by order of the State. George Orwell in the Netherlands.

8. Denied her the right to protect herself causing abuse and five (maybe 6) pregnancies and three children from abusers in over thirty years.

9. Deny us the right on a normal marriage and family life, after my memory came back in 2000. By keeping silent. No peace of mind for us. My wife thinks I must be insane. A DNA test proves the children should be mine, which is impossible. They are falsified by the State. The State tries to keep this covered up.

10. Deny me the right to know what really happened. So I can have a normal live again. I had to stop working in January 2004 because of all the lying and betraying! I live in an upside down world where justice helps the rapist en covers up crimes, and lawyers refuse to help us, because they only help perpetrators, never victims.

11. Deny me the right for legal assistance from lawyers. Hundreds refuse to help me! I think ONE lawyer could easily help us in one or two days! I even have been begging, but nobody is willing to help us.

12. Psychiatrists refuse to help us in recovering our memory better. My wife needs help getting her memory back, and getting rid of a second personality, so she can defend herself against abusers. Luckily she is getting older, but I know she was abused again even in 2003. She still could get aids and die?

13. Our family is partying like nothing happened, while we are tortured for years now. Uncertain what really happened. I/we can only guess, and she thinks I am insane.

14. In fact they deny us our marriage now, by keeping silent about the truth. My wife thinks she has to leave me. I am the only one trying to help her by not lying to her and trying to get medical help.

Of course there is a lot more, but I need a book to tell you about it. The book will be published in a few months I think, but they will try to stop that. Still looking for a publisher in the US. It will probably be a bestseller they tell me. It is bizarre and unbelievable. People can learn from it to protect innocent other girls.

Hans Smedema December 2006. Copyright © 2006-2007 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands