Again sentence Dutch judges without any defense allowed!


Again sentence Dutch judges without any defense allowed!

Defenseless Hans Smedema after 16 years of fighting his own government, again sentenced to 10 month in jail and 6500 euro fine to pay to the rapist of his wife! Horrifying and no media coverage at all! Silenced to death by the Dutch, just as happened with Ann Frank!

Three judges sentenced me on August 18th 2016 without a lawyer present, without me present, mentally and financially broken, to 10 months in jail and 6500 euro fine to pay to the rapist!

Again as always NO DEFENSE ALLOWED! No charges against the criminals allowed since 2000! Forbidden by the Dutch Ministry of InJustice itself, to keep the Royals from becoming negatively involved!

Our gruesome suffering since 1972 is of course no problem and ‘normal’ collateral damage?

Dutch immune Royals, who have nothing to fear, are more important than the lives of Hans and his now ex-wife! Both mentally and financially broken.

The details in mij Dutch post

Will have to ask for Asylum again later this year(Nov) in Germany or for the third time in America I think. Because the Dutch could ask Spain to arrest me and extradite me to the Netherlands. Normally a Spain judge should refuse to do so based on NO FAIR TRIALS and the severe persecution of me and my now ex-wife in the Netherlands.

I already spent 28 weeks in detention in Florida asking for asylum in 2009, one month innocent in jail in Netherlands before they confessed it was a mistake, 10 weeks in Texas for the second request for asylum. Or a total of over 10 months innocent. Now much more is still coming to me. Former sentence without defense allowed total 6 months, and now 10 months!

And that all while I am the victim of the largest conspiracy in the Netherlands so unbelievable horrifying that only few insiders believe the gruesome story.

Proof of the cover-up and conspiracy!

Of course this 5th(?) sentence without any defense allowed proves the grotesk cover-up by the Dutch government, ordering police, prosecutors and apparently even judges to neglect any documents from me or my lawyers!

This happened also in the case of police judge Jeroen van Bruggen Court Leeuwarden on Febr. 9th 2009 and appeal case 2011/12. And more. Without warning me! If we had known this in 1973, we would have left the Netherlands immediately! And any date afterwards. But they still keep silent about the reason! Transparency? Being ethical? Honest? Just forget it, the Dutch Royals are only interested in their own name and image.

Fake political unfair trials making the lives of us, the victims, unbearable! An ordeal so horrifying almost nobody believes it yet.

More later…

Hans Smedema B. Sc., living in exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain.