Sentenced without defence!



I was sentenced to 50 hours of service and 5 months of conditional imprisonment!

I told you, time was to short from 20th January tot 9the of February 2009 for lawyers to prepare a complex case like this. European Court for Human Rights states in Europe, that every one has the right to an attorney and  enough time to be able to defend in a real way, not only formaly.

So I was able to ask upfront for witnesses to be summoned, and for an investigation with DNA tests about the children not being mine. Should be easy stuff for anyone within the Justice department. A lawyer who wanted money first and which was impossible on such short notice, thought they would postpone.

The best lawyers in the North of Holland are Anker and Anker, but could not come on the 9th on that short notice, but could later when postponed. They refused to help me 7 times! Like hundres of Lawyers for 5 years now

I didn’t trust the Dutch judges, looking what they did refusing me to file charges and refusing me an investigation years before. I know I am the victim of a conspiracy of the Dutch State. ‘The Dutch Watergate’ I named it.

So I prepared something to say anyway and what could be used for a lawyer also to prepare his case. It became 63 pages, because it is complex and I don’t know what is good enough being no lawyer and without any experience.

But when I was in front of this judge being the suspect, in stead of being the victim charging those same complainers of having raped my wife and make children with her, he didn’t give me time for another lawyer. No postponing, he went along without me having any defense! It was unbelievable, but true. I could not leave.

He denied me the right to have a court outside the Netherlands, because I knew judges in an earlier court case were influenced. I asked him to give the case to the European Court for Human Rights, be no he didn’t.

Next he denied me the right to hear and examen the complainers and several witnesses who could declare those complainers were lying! One could state he thought a child was his(!) child, because he had sex with my wife, proving my wife was sick and had memory loss. It was again unbelievable!

Next he denied me the right to have an investigation about DNA tests for the children, so I could prove that the complainers were in fact the rapist who took my defenseless wife and made children with her. Unbelievable again, but he refused. He told me he could see(!) without any testing it would be no good for me and witnesses he said was the same. He already knew(!) it would not help my case. A God on earth? An assuming judge.

So I asked to remove this judge for an honest one, but three judges who had to judge that, denied me another judge! Unbelievable again. Real Dutch conspiracy going on. That is behind this of course. They can never let me win this case and have witnesses helping me, the same for any investigation! They can’t have me prove that I am right and they are criminals. It would probably make the Queen look bad, having made a wrong special ruling for my wife in 1973 and myself in 1976. That special ruling was done to make sure there would never be any investigation about us. Thats the reason any rapist could rape my wife for over 30 years, and never get caught. The left my wife an me with severe amnesia and my wife with an emotional personality.

I was sentenced without the right to speak about my document in defense also. He denied me the right to speak anymore as soon when I tried to start! I only could give him the 63 pages, but not discuss my defense against all things. A lot could be said and I could win this case in a honest court like the European Court for Human Rights.

He simply sentenced me to 50 hours of service and 5 months of conditional imprisonment! And pay all four rapist 1500 euro, or 2000 dollars for their trouble. He also said  ‘you have a different view on things then all here in this court’.

Meaning he knew(!) that I was insane, and thus he could sentence me without any right for defense!

I asked for a higher court, but think they will deny me that right also. They have to stop me! Even being dishonest as judges.

So America here I come. I will ask for Political Asylum later. I now want to be a free and protected by the contitution American. Have to take care of lawyers here first.

More later …                            Email: [email protected]

Hans Smedema, Drachten  Copyright 2009 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands.