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Horrifying Dutch Queengate about unbelievable crimes!

Degradation Alfred Dreyfus

‘Never in world history…

has a single loving couple…
been betrayed so badly…
for so long…
by so many…!’  Victim Hans Smedema

It is an international scandal and is so bizarre it will be Dutch historic inheritance and the book, literature.

In a big and criminal cover up, certain criminal people inside the Dutch government and specific the Dutch justice department, I call them ‘Royal Criminal Organization Mengele’ after the German war crime physician Mengele, are trying to get away with an almost perfect crime. In fact until now it is perfect. Unless I get support from the media and world community!

‘The worst enemy, is a friend who turns out to be an enemy.’

Extraordinary case

Several unbelievable crimes are coming together in this horrifying story:

  1. Rapist who raped my wife, which is the only thing relatively ‘normal’ in this case!
  2. Family who hided the fact Hans Smedema was secretly made infertile by the rapist in 1972, and all 6 pregnancies resulting in three children were therefore from rapist! Both having severe suppression for all abuse and being unable to file charges, was NOT a reason to warn the defenseless couple!
  3. Ministry of Justice who helped family to hide all rapes and abuses from the unknowing loving couple who therefore thought nothing had happened and all children were from Hans himself!
  4. Dutch Queen Juliana and Beatrix who by special secret law or ruling ordered Ministry of Justice to work upside down by hiding all rapes and NOT prosecuting the rapist, while hiding all evidence and rapes from the unknowing defenseless couple! Queen Beatrix is cowardly still hiding all evidence and refusing to reverse her wrong and horrifying decision! Involvement of the Dutch Queen makes this ‘State security!’
  5. Dutch Freedom of Information Act (WOB) is NOT working when the Dutch Queen is involved to protect her although immune already! Every Dutch official has to protect the coward Dutch Queen Beatrix! So they help the rapist by hiding evidence, and therefore betray the victims!
  6. Media and Newspapers are NOT allowed to publish this case in the Netherlands because the ‘State security’ is involved! Omerta!
  7. Dutch Lawyers are NOT allowed to help the victims against the Queen, just because the ‘State security’ is involved. Since January 2004 no Lawyer! All legal actions have to be done by Hans Smedema alone who has no legal education at all! But in an appeal case famous Dutch mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz has agreed to do the appeal. Which must be allowed then!
  8. Hans is NOT allowed to file charges against his enemies and rapist/fathers of the children! Names are known! Jan van Beek from Utrecht, Jan de Vries from Leeuwarden and Rieks P. from Roden. But the rapist are allowed to file charges for libel and did so! Discrimination and severe mistreatment or torture!

America positively involved by CIA hero Al Rust!

Important for Americans: When an American hero and military CIA official Al Rust was able to help me by simply telling the truth about me being a victim, he later got sued, and because the disgusting Dutch government refused to open up their secret files. He was put in jail (!) and without proof later dishonorable discharged from military intelligence! He had to suffer (sell his house) for many years, until he got help from another American hero Old Dutch Ambassador Paul Bremer(later governor Iraq), get hold of a copy of those secret and quickly by the Dutch deleted files and was able to proof his case. And after a review completely rehabilitated and paid damages. Read about this heroic story on this Blog. He now lives in the south of Florida!

Story in short!

The crime started long ago in 1972 when me, the author, and my beautiful nice girlfriend were secretly drugged(used for annimals) and abused by her room owner. The drug caused memory loss and so when we woke up, we didn’t know a thing about what happened that night with my girlfriend. It was so severe for weeks and months, we later both got amnesia and suppression for everything related to the abuse. So the abuse could go on and on. We were defenseless. They even used us in secret an illegal rape movies (circulating also in the USA), without us suspecting anything. And they brainwashed her into being a sex slave using an ‘electric stick’ normally for animals, still without her knowing it herself! She had developed two personalities! Weekends she would not even tell us or go to the police! Her ‘normal personality’ didn’t allow her to know what happened. The perfect crime. In fact mind control or taken hostage mentally. She still thinks nothing happened. To my knowledge, this is still almost unknown to most people worldwide!

When her family found out at last, they decided with the justice department to cover it up, to protect the name of their daughter. Not knowing they made a horrible decision. Because they in fact declared us both helpless, against all rapist and abusers, who knew about the fact my girlfriend and later wife, was helpless when abused with only some force. She would fight for a moment but then go into a second personality, also named ‘emotional personality’, and do as she was told. Afterwards, she would forget the whole thing. So she still thinks, until this very day, she has never had sex with others than me, while she has now three children from abusers and had three other pregnancies, two we did know off. Her own sisters keep this fact a secret for her until this very day, causing me and us great problems and mental torture.

The unscrupulous family on both sides knew our first child was not mine, but never told us that crucial fact, causing more and more abuse. Our home physician found out in 1975, but decided not to tell us! Instead together with the Ministry of Justice, they had a criminal and scrupulous psychiatrist Onno van der Hart have me secretly drugged(wittness saw that) and sign a document giving him probably the right to decide for me and my wife what was right for us? So the abuse again could go on and on. When I was away, they came and abused her secretly. Friends of my brothers were the worst. Two more children came from their abuses, still without us knowing or suspecting. Nobody told us we were very sick and both needed therapy. You don’t think that your own family is betraying you, including the justice department, physicians and friends who also knew, but kept silent about it.

The horror story which developed, can only be told in a book, and the Dutch version part 1 is ready and I have 500 pieces. But difficult to get in the bookshops for the moment as it has all names in it! Until now all deny this has happened and declare me insane instead. Very cruel, because of that, I had to stop working and securing income for both of us.

Only in 2000 my memory came partly and slowly back, but family, police and friends denied everything in a unscrupulous way. After a three years I didn’t know what was real and not real any more and had to stop working. Causing even more stress and horror to us. The fact everybody is lying to us, causes my wife still to think I am insane and she even tried to have me forced into a mental institution and forced to have brain-damaging medicine. And that while I only am looking for the truth and writing a book!

A witness Elise B. from the town Uden, who worked for my unscrupulous brother as a part-time employee for the Ministry of Justice, told me my brother Johan and the justice department are involved in a cruel cover-up, that our three children are not mine and more. But a DNA-test points out that they are mine. I now know, the justice department or other government dept has this test falsified. I had a scar between my legs, which nobody knew about. But I now know in 1972 the rapist secretly made me infertile, being angry because I had warned the police. The police left us sleeping (forced to take drugs) half an hour (!) after police being warned about a hostage taking of my girlfriend! But suddenly all physicians lie about this former badly stitched scar, calling it suddenly normal skin damage. So they work with the government keeping the cover up. Forced to? I know they use State security as a reason, but that is based on fraud.

In an interrogation outside the 97th General Army Hospital in Germany Frankfurt, CIA intelligence told me they had seen in the secret files about me, who were instantly deleted by the unscrupulous Dutch(why?),  that the three children were not mine, we were involved in porn-movies, and police and justice department were involved. Which I denied as I didn’t know then, but now know to be true.

I tried for over four years now to get legal aid, but to no avail. Hundreds of lawyers deny me any help. Nobody is willing to help somebody who looks to be insane, as they probably think. Or they are forced by the government not to help me or us. When we get help, all cruel details will come out of course. And this is easy to proof with three children from known rapist and many many wittinesses of more abuse.

So until this very day everybody is keeping to the cover up. When I try to have the justice dept investigate, they deny me that right, telling me my wife doesn’t know a thing! Which is of course normal with amnesia and a double personality. This means all victims with amnesia are helpless and defenseless in the Netherlands. Justice department will wait for her memory to come back, which will never come back because the abuse will go on and on, unpunished.

Media will not cover this story, why is unknown to me. Maybe they don’t believe it, but a lot of witnesses and rapist are known! Maybe I am secretly made without any rights and placed under somebody unknown to me, who has the right to decide what to do? Known is, a Newspaper ‘Leeuwarder courant’ had to change a printed article afterwards, when a head prosecutor mr. Ruud Rosingh who was almost a witness to the abuse together with two witnesses, started an investigation and was ordered to stop that investigation and quickly moved to another town.

When I try to have my wife treated by a psychiatrist, they tell me I am insane and try to have me locked up and treated (!) by force! So I can’t help myself or my poor wife, who still doesn’t understand what is happening to her. She even is trying to leave me now. If that happens, she is completely helpless to all abusers. Getting older or ugly is her only defense!

Please help me, forcing the stupid and unscrupulous Dutch concerned to open the files about this true crime and at last having my wife treated after over thirty years of leaving her helpless with children form abusers.

We need a psychiatrist who believes us and is willing to help treat my wife with her dissociation. And most of all we need a lawyer who is willing to listen and help. That could be in the US, or else. A foreign lawyer or psychiatrist could be crucial in solving this crime. This story is new to my knowledge, not many like this one, so we all could learn from it and help other girls protecting themselves.

And of course only media attention will force this cover up to be solved and ended.

The Dutch website and Blog gives much more details: www.vechtentegenhetonbekende.nl

Hans Smedema e-mail: [email protected]