Spain, Catral south of Alicante


I have moved to Catral June 1st 2008 in Spain to try and get more help. Well at least less interference from the Dutch state and a secret service.

But it was not Political Asylum. As a EU member, I can live anywhere in the EU by law.

Asking layers here in Spain did not give any help. They find it unbelievable, so want even more proof than is available already. But to do that with fi DNA test with the children, I first need a lawyer to keep the Dutch State and secret service out. The test would be falsified as we now know from al the other tests I did.

So not much help. A Urologist investigated my testicles and more. He stated verbally that somebody must have made at least one testicle sterile. So proof of making me infertile in 1972. But to make a report he needs more investigation and money. 4000 euro’s and that could have been done. My house in the Netherlands was sold for 580.000 euro but the buyer did not pay for several months now. Could be the State, but also the credit crunch.

We will have to sell it again.

But the language in Spain is difficult and most don’t talk any other languages. Understanding English is mostly a problem also. So I will have to go to America next year and look if I can get help there by asking for Political Asylum.

Probably I will have to naturalize to American. As long as I stay Dutch, they think they own me here?

Lots of trouble here in Spain getting things organized.

Will have to travel back to the Netherlands for several weeks to try to sell the house again and get a bridge loan or mortgage.

My book part 2 is ready now and part 3 later in 2009. A compressed book with all parts will be ready in February, and hope to have a film version ready second half 2009.

Would be nice to have those ready before I leave for America of course. Would be of great help in proving my case and making it public.

I will tell more later…

Hans Smedema, Catral Spain                              Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema Catral Spain.