When I came to this hearing a Police officer mr. Bolier told me I was a suspect of libel or defamation.

I found out three people charged me for libel and the Police in there case acted against me. Can you believe these idiots? Never in our whole live they acted in fever of us by charging the abusers or rapist. NEVER! That is from 1972 when it started in Utrecht, Netherlands.

And I tried in vain to file charges with the Police in Leeuwarden in April 2000, but they did nothing. And again with much more information I tried to file charges in April 2004! Again they refused to file it and make an offical report. It is to unbelievable so we won’t do anything. And now two of the abusers, one the father of our youngest child as he told me himself, and the other from a child we had aborted in 1980. And this secret ‘Group Mengele’ as I call them, did know about the fact I was made infertile, so it must have been from a rapist. They also knew that my poor wife thought the children must have been from me. They never told us that I was infertile and she could be raped at will, without remembering it later.

But of course when the two rapist filed charges against me when publishing my full story and also their names here on this blogs, the Dutch Police did make an official report for libel or defamation. Unbelievable. And not only I tried to file charges, but also a girlfriend in 1972, an assistant in 1975, others in 1979, in 1987 Al Rust told them and asked for an investigation and help, in 1991 a Head Prosecutor stated an investigation, but had to stop it! And that is only those I know of. Will be many more cases. Never has an Police officer talked to me and realy listened, never.

And now I have to face these criminals and defend myself without legal help, without an investigation about my case, without help from organizations, nothing at all. The Dutch Bastards. Burn in hell is very good in expressing my feelings.

The libel suit is from these three people:

  1. Neighbor Jaap D. the suspected father of the child we had aborted in 1980. He raped my wife against her will for almost 30 years. She still doesn’t remember anything with her double or emotional personality. The trauma must be extreme for her. He denies everything, even having been on a boat, when me and his wife saw him for half an hour below deck leaving a child on top who could not swim. My wife didn’t remember it, so she had to be in her double or emotional personality.
  2. The other was Rieks P. who raped my wife for a year and was catched in the act on top of my wife. He was beaten up by a brother, and his own wife forced him to tell me. My suppression made it impossible to remember it and so nothing happened then. He must be the father of our youngest child. He thought so himself. But now denies everything.
  3. The third to file for libel, was strange enough a woman Elise B. who worked for my brother and confessed to me in 1998 that my brother was involved in a big cover up together with the Justice department and the secret service. She also told me the three children were not mine. So I would never had thought she would file charges against me. Why do that? I call her a hero on my site and promised het 50.000 euro. But she did and I know she had to sign a secrecy document. ‘Group Mengele’ will have put enormous pressure on her?

Talking to this Police officer I don’t think they will investigate my case at all. He was not interested in my case. So what will happen is the following. They will bring this for a judge and he will see if this is indeed libel, and I will be convicted. In an upside down world, as the Dutch always have done, that is normal behavior. Dutch thinking as I call it. Reverse ethical thinking and acting. So the rapist go free and I will be convicted? And the cover up will not be investigated at all?

Bizarre, but everything in this case is.

More later…

Hans Smedema Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands