Comparison Gustl Mollath affair!


Comparison Gustl Mollath affair with Dutch Hans Smedema affair!

Gustl Mollath was released August 6th 2013 from Mental Hospital where he was treated for a non existing paranoid delusional disease! He was put there by a psychiatrist who diagnosed him from a distance and only based on information from his ex wife.

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In my case this almost happened too! Psychiatrist mr. Bauke Koopmans tried to force me into a mental hospital just because my very ill wife with her dissociation and a double re-callable emotional personality, suppressed all rapes done to her. Also the fact that our three children were not from me as we both thought for 28 years, but from three different rapist! Instead of treating her, Bauke Koopmans tried to intimidate and silence me! While I only tried to help her get her memory back, get therapy and after that able to defend herself against new rapes! She is until this very day still defenseless against any rapist!

Just like Mollaths case, Dutch Ministry of Justice, police and prosecutors did NOT investigate all  the detailed evidence and accusations about my case! In my case they were not alowed to investigate by special orders of former Queen Juliana and Beatrix who were betrayed by my own family to do so!

In the name of the people ©Steve Geshwister
In the name of the people ©Steve Geshwister

In some more detail

  • German engineer Gustl Mollath discovers financial crimes(tax evasion on a large scale) and as a whistle blower he files charges in 2003, but no investigation was done!
  • Dutch engineer Hans Smedema discovers horrifying crimes of rape against his own wife since 1972, their three children not being his own but from three rapist! And severe dissociation with both himself and his wife causing total defenseless against rapes since 1972 until 2000/2004! He files charges in March 2004 with much detail but after 5 months waiting for approval from the top (College Procureurs Generaal)  no investigation is allowed! Years later he finds out this is because the secret involvement of both Queens makes this case suddenly and unnecessarily state security! Public interest above individual interest! But nobody warns him about this crucial fact! Dutch people are also betrayed!
  • Gustl Mollath allone is not able to proof his accusations because no official investigation together with the lies and denials by his own ex-wife, and is suddenly declared insane, delusional disorder DSM IV, by  a psychiatrist who did not even talk to him at all!
  • Hans Smedema is also not able to proof his accusations as his own family including physicians/psychiatrists and justice lie and betray about the horrifying case to protect themselves from prosecution! Later he finds out that around 50 police files most about rapes of his wife were deleted so police had nothing about his epic case! He also is more or less forced to see a psychiatrist by his own wife who is still suffering from severe dissociation but is made to believe she is NOT ill by their criminal family. Medical treatment by therapy which would have solved the case easily in 2000 is therefore made impossible!
  • Gustl Mollath submitted petitions and reported the above offenses to politicians, the State Prosecutor and to the office of Public Prosecutor. However, in the ruling of March 1, 2005, the Bavarian Ministry of Justice refused to instruct the Public Prosecutor to follow up on Mollath’s charges. A later petition by the Bavarian Parliament was unsuccessful, due to the statement issued by the Ministry of Justice. But Mollath gets media attention which later forces investigations!
  • Hans Smedema also tries everything to get politicians,  justice and media like the Dutch Telegraaf to look into his horrifying case, but to no avail! Until this very day nobody has ever published anything about this horrifying case which resembles Frans Kafka’s fiction The Trial, but in this case is horrifying reality! Most probably unique all over the world?
  • Gustl Mollath is declared insane with delusional disorder and later forced into a mental institution on August 8th 2006 without any official investigations to find the truth! Where he suffers until August 6th 2013! Seven years!
  • Hans Smedema is also declared insane(delusional disorder/DSM IV) by several psychiatrist(2000, 2003, and more, total around 14! ) because his accusations were denied by all(!) involved including his own wife stating she has NEVER been raped and all three children are from Hans himself! A DNA-test is falsified by the secret service to keep the immune(!) Dutch Queen from getting negative publicity and proved all three children are from Hans himself! Which is NOT the case and can simply be seen also. Prosecution and Judges refuse to do a simple second opinion with another DNA-test which would proof the children are from three different rapist! All rapist known by name and address confessed verbally to Hans, but no one puts it in writing and later when accused all of course deny! Only a few psychiatrist/psychologist among which University Groningen confirm Hans to be completely normal! But the file later is manipulated by the secret service to protect the Queens. An expert(Ellert Nijenhuis who states Hans could very well be right) is NOT allowed to treat Hans Smedema! Probably again to keep the Queens out of the negative publicity this case would surely make. Secret state security and therefore secret service involved who are ordered to whatever is necessary to hide all evidence! Medical files are manipulated and falsified to make sure Hans will never be able to proof his case and warn the Dutch people about their own Queens and government betraying them since 1972!
  • in January 2004 Hans has to stop with his high level position as a headhunter making 140.000 a year in the North of Holland. He also cancels his membership of Rotary International in Leeuwarden-South which has a sister Rotary club in Oldenburg-Ammerland Germany! He doesn’t want his horrifying problems to be negative for Rotary, but got no help at all although Rotary has the slogan ‘Service above self!’ He never succeeded in getting a lawyer for legal help! He had to fight and do everything by himself! This is still the case!
  • Psychiatrist Bauke Koopmans from GGZ Drachten after talking to the wife of Hans Smedema in 2006 tries to get Hans Smedema into an mental hospital! But Hans keeps calm and simply tried to write down everything into his written statement! Hans files complains against him and Koopmans withdraws his accusations.
  • On June 1st 2008 Hans Smedema flies to Spain because nobody believes him, he gets no help from any organisation and the rapist were allowed to file charges against him and got an investigation from prosecutor and police! A matter of severe human rights violations and discrimination.
  • Gustl Mollath – And with the sentence passed on August 8, 2006 the District Court of Nürnberg-Fürth dismissed Mollath’s allegations (referring to the illegal earnings transferred to Switzerland) as paranoid ideas and ordered Mollath to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital, since he was considered “dangerous to public safety”, as proven by “several criminal acts”. The court rested its case upon a psychiatric opinion of the head of the District Hospital of Bayreuth. This professional opinion was drawn up according to previous records, since Mollath refused to have himself examined. What was strange in the main hearing was that nobody verified whether the accusations made by Gustl Mollath with respect to illegal fund transfers were correct or not; and although Mollath’s ex-wife was particularly incriminated by her ex-husband, no attempt was made to question her in court. 

    Legal tactfulness ©Steve Geshwister
    Legal tactfulness ©Steve Geshwister
  • Hans Smedema on February 9th 2009 is sentenced by police judge Jeroen van Bruggen court Leeuwarden to 3 months probational 2 years conditonal, 50 hours of public service and pay the rapist of his wife 5300 euro or do another 100 days in prison! Horrifying to be sentenced to pay the rapist and fathers of three children! Being completely innocent but NOT believed because they refuse to investigate or stop protecting an apparently evil Queen Beatrix who refuses to help stop these human rights violations! Hans could not find a lawyer and was in court without any legal help! Which is against human and normal civil rights! No investigation with a simple dna-test, and no witnesses allowed among which the father of one son! Still no media attention! Horrifying!
  • Hans appeals the verdict, but in November 2012 is sentenced again! No dna test allowed, no witnessess allowed, nothing for his defense allowed against all human and civil rights! He had the famous Dutch lawyer Bram Moszkowicz, but still no media attention! Now 3 months, 5300 euro to the rapist and for not paying out of free will an extra 100 days in prison! Hans of course refuses to pay the rapist of his wife and fathers of his three children! But without any legal or media help Hans is defenseless!
  • After being sentenced Hans asked political asylum on Miami Aiport Florida in April 23th 2009, but gets put into a detention center for 28 weeks without almost any outside contact. With not enough hard evidence of the Dutch government involved, he is deported back to the Netherlands on November 5th 2009.
  • Gustl Mollath – The only luck Gustl Mollath has had until now is that a support group has taken up his cause and is helping him in different ways. The members of this support group are, among others, the former head of the Bavarian tax investigation authority, a former judge and a well-known and reputable psychiatrist (holder of the German Federal Cross of Merit). The Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe is also concerned with the Mollath case. Mollath’s lawyer is of the opinion that the constitutional right to be heard and the elementary standard of commensurability have been grossly breached in this case. As a result, Michael Kasperowitsch, Editor of the newspaper Nürnberger Nachrichten, stated in his Comment of October 31, 2012: “This case is … a human tragedy and has displayed an unaccountable inactivity on the part of the Public Prosecutor …”


  • Hans never had a lawyer defending his case! No legal help at all! Only some minor legal help in the appeal case, but also no defense allowed which means that judges and lawyer must have been working with the conspiracy against him and his still(!) defenseless wife! Gustl Mollath did have lawyers, legal and media help!
  • Hans had no media help at all! Which is still the case! The case is too complex and unbelievable? Suppression during 28 years is hard to believe and understand by layman.
  • Hans could not proof his case as all evidence was secretly manipulated or deleted by special ruling of former Queen Juliana an her daughter Beatrix. Which was treason and even high treason against the Dutch people! All officials and politicians have sworn an oath to protect the Queen and are NOT allowed by law to help Hans Smedema! Gustl Mollath didn’t have that big problem!
  • Gustl did know about everything from the beginning, but Hans for the first years thought maybe he was insane indeed! Which caused him to have to stop his top position as a headhunter and live from a disability insurance allowance!
  • Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ was fiction, but in the case of Hans Smedema it is horrifying reality! Hans is not allowed to know what is going on! His own wife is betrayed too and they fight each other when too long together!
  • George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was only fiction, but in the case of Hans Smedema it is horrifying reality! His own brother including his own country, family, lawyers, media and physicians betrayed him!
  • Hans was not allowed to talk about this case to any politician at all! No questions asked, no journalist has ever asked questions too! Unbelievable!

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Hans Smedema, a few weeks in Drachten, Netherlands before trying for political asylum again somewhere!