Ripped off by an Ukrainian crook in Benidorm! 300.000 euro lost!


Ripped off by an Ukrainian crook in Benidorm! 300.000 euro lost!

I lived in Spain as a fugitive on the Costa Blanca from the end of 2009 until June 2013. During this time in the summer of 2010 I was secretly(!) ripped off by a crook who got hold of documents and an advance of 300.000 euro! Here the full story of how this could happen and without me knowing it at that time! I only found out in July 2014! Unbelievable, but my whole case against the persecution by the Dutch State and Ministry of InJustice is like this.

The ‘Dutch Queengate’ or ‘Hans Smedema Affair’ I named it.

The full story with all details about how this all could happen is in my E-Books:  Hans Smedema ‘Fighting the Unknown!’ Part 4 which will come in the next few weeks in Dutch first, and later in English too. After that all parts in one large commercial E-book, but with less details. There will be a movie about it later also.

An unbelievable story about a crime so horrifying that at first nobody could believe it was a true crime. The crime started in 1972 and at the moment of writing in September 2014 is still ongoing. The signature of a former Dutch Queen makes it state security and therefore the corrupt Dutch are covering it up to protect the Royals and high level Dutch officials and politicians involved.

Never in world history…,

has a single loving couple…,

been betrayed so badly…,

by so many…,

for so long…!   Hans Smedema

Here how I was ripped off.

A drink at the nice HeartBreak American Bar in Benidorm

One day I was just having a drink at the nice HeartBreak American Bar in Benidorm where I came more often to listen to some music and have some small talk with others. A lot of times at the end of the day when people came from the beach for a drink in the afternoon, they had nice life music changing every hour.

To make sure, HeartBreak of course has nothing to do with the scam!

I was just standing there not expecting anything but nice music, when a guy walks in with a blue bag and puts it just next to me under the bar which was open on the inside also. So I thought this is for the bartender girl who I knew to be from Ukraine. Warned about sometimes drugs and money laundering in bars like this, I thought this is something I want nothing to do with and was going to another place a bit further away. But before I could leave this guy behind me whispers in my ear ‘take the bag and leave. Open it when you are at home.’

Because of my fight with the Dutch government, or a group of people there, I was black-mouthed and a lot of evidence and more disappeared. They were after me and there were three attempts to murder me. My nieighbor was murdered by them according to an insider. See my E-Books about it. So I was afraid they would try to have me involved in illegal drugs and then have an excuse to put me jail. The police could be waiting for me outside. That would ruin my case. So after hearing this guy I thought ‘O my God, they are trying to frame me with illegal stuff. So I said laughing at him ‘no, thank you. To dangerous for me.’

He talked to the girl behind the bar and she took the bag to a place more safe. So I thought it is indeed for the someone else and could be illegal or so. Later he talked to me a bit more, about me taking it with me later, but I avoided it of course. Told him he was mistaken. But when I left the bar, the girl called me and wanted me to take the bag. But I refused the illegal bag, I thought,  and left.

A day or two later I was there again for a drink. It was still early and quiet. And she said wait a moment and phoned someone. Than took a mobile phone, put it under the table and than after talking to someone on her own white phone, she took it again and put it on the bar. In hindsight they were listening with an open line to my answers on very specific legal questions, but I didn’t know that at that moment.  Than she asked me if I didn’t want the bag. Not knowing what bag, she explained to me it was the blue bag from two days ago which I already was forgotten. ‘It is not my bag, but from the owners of the bar I assume’ I said and ordered a beer. ‘No, it is not from them. The guy who brought it here told me you were taking it later. But you didn’t want to take it. So if you don’t want it, can I please have it?’

‘It is not my bag, so what you do with it is your decision’ I told her.  I didn’t want anything to do with it of course, still assuming the Dutch behind my ordeal were trying to frame me into something illegal.

‘So you don’t know what is in it’ she asked? So I asked what was in it, and she told me ‘some documents and a few hundred’, but then took the phone of the bar turned around and said again something into the phone. Probably three hundred thousand euro. So if you listen at the other side of the phone, it looks like she said to me in a loud voice ‘three hundred thousand euro!’ But at that time I didn’t understand what scam was going on. I only heard hundreds. She clever left euro out of it and made sure i didn’t hear what she said afterwards! How easy it is to ripp somebody from 300.000 euro in Spain? And the stupid guy who gave this bag to a bartender girl and NOT directly oe me? Why? How can somebody be so stupid? He should have told me it was about my fight with the Dutch and the book rights or so. And i saw this guy before also when he could have talked to me much easier.

I told her again that it was not my stuff.  But after she got a phone call on her own white phone, she said it is not enough, I need a straight yes or no! ‘Can I yes or no keep the money?’ And again I said it is not for me to decide, because I don’t know anything about it. You must ask the owners. Ask the guy who brought it than.’

‘We don’t know who it was. So can I keep it?’

‘I can’t give away I have never seen. So show me the bag first. Let me see those documents. I will know if they are meant for me or not.

‘No, the bag is not here anymore. It’s at my home. And I trashed the documents already. So it’s only about some hundred, not much for you probably. But for me it is.’

I said ‘maybe keep it until he comes back asking for it.  ‘But she insisted and at last thinking it was only e few hundred euro I said ‘what does it matter, keep it.’

But not knowing I gave away three hundred thousand euro which was given to me by friends probably for the right for a first offer when this story would be proven. But why so difficult and not direct through my lawyer in Miami for instance?

And it was stupid from the guy to leave three hundred thousand euro in the hands of a bartender girl! What an idiot! Had he simply told me Hans, I have some information for you about your Dutch case, than I would have taken it from him without any problem of course. And why not have me sign the papers at once? I saw him at KU a day before. That would have been much easier. He could have sit at my table and talk about it. To make sure everything went well. No mistakes with this big money and important documents.

The crook who ripped me off!


But two days later or so I got a wake-up call from somebody telling me explicitly to go to this same girl.  She starts working at 3 in the afternoon, and ask for a package with your name. It contains documents relating to your  fight with the Dutch government and money. Go there at once. Take it home, it is yours and follow the instructions.

Now I was awake and I went to her and asked for my package. She was disappointed. ‘You gave it to me days ago. Why do you come now after days? I already have made decisions because of that! I cancelled my job here!’ Now I understood the earlier conversation and answered ‘ I didn’t give it to you. How can I give something to you, when it is not mine and I didn’t know what was in it? Just this morning I heard what it was about and that it was meant for me! I need it very badly, it is crucial for the rest of my life! I need the documents for my legal case.’

She looked at me, and said ‘it is next door in my room.’ Apparently she lived above Pinocchio.

I told her her how important this was for me. That the rest of my life depended on it, and that it was about a legal fight for millions.  So she said ‘I had to give away half to my boss, but if this is that important for you, I will give my part back to you.’

And she phoned her boss next door, but he refused to bring it. ‘You gave it to me he said, and I should not give my half back. He will keep his half of the money, and the documents are already gone, trashed.’

‘How is this possible, I never gave away things that were meant for me. Why should I? I told you it is not mine so you decide what to do with it. I only know a few hours now that there is a package waiting for me here! My life depends on it!’

Being a very nice warm and by the way beautiful Ukrainian girl, Gemma was her name I think, she looked at me and said ‘if you gave it to me, than I can give it back to you also! If I get into trouble with him, can you take care of me for a while? I had to give him half of it, so I have only the other half. Wait here, I will get it for you!’

And in two minutes or so she came running back with the blue bag, but her boss where she lived, was running after her and was at the bar next to me before she could give me the bag, and pulled it by force from her hands. She tried to keep it and give it to me, but he was stronger.  I froze as I stood there. I didn’t expect his. And than the crook told me leaning over to my face ‘you are too late, you gave it to her and you will not get it back! If you don’t like it, you can go to the police! But we both know you will never do that for reasons we both know!’

I was thunderstruck. Police?  What is going on here. I just want my package! Somebody gave it to her, to give it to me! And she wanted to give it back to me even if she got it legally which I doubt very much. I didn’t know it was meant for me, so how could I know? And she refused to show the documents. And I told her it was not mine and I could not give something away, I didn’t know about! And she lied about the amount of money also. A few hundred or hundred thousand is a big difference. John the Dutch manager came to us and asked what was going on also. She explained it to him. He said ‘the guy next door is dangerous. He is an Ukrainian guy. You will never get it without a big fight. But you seem to be involved in this stuff yourself also. You should warn your own people and have them fix it.’

He probably thought, just like her boss next door, that I was involved in illegal trades. Just what I thought myself before I knew it was meant for me. My god how stupid from the guy who brought it, not to simply tell me a few days ago ‘Hans I have some documents for you which can help you in your fight with the Dutch!’ That would have triggered a normal reaction from me and I would have taken it without a problem! But I am not involved in illegal crimes at all. This was legal. So I can go to the police.

The nice girl had tried to give it back to me and said. ‘He doesn’t own it. If it was legal, you gave it to me, not to him!’  And than she said ‘he forced me to do it. When I came home with the bag, I looked in it and it was documents I didn’t understand, and a lot of money! I would have to work many years for that. He found out and wanted to know exactly how I got it, and made a plan with a lawyer he knew, how to get it legally. We could not use the money without at least you telling us we could keep it he said. That is why I had to ask you a few days ago and he listened with his lawyer on the other phone, and they made sure in the end you said yes take it. It was legal they told me. You avoided it first, not knowing anything about it, but they will have kept that out of the tape of course.  And he didn’t trash the documents at all, but kept it. I know where he keeps those papers. You were ripped off!’

So it was a premeditated plan. A hoax, or scam. I was ripped of by this crook. At the time in 2010 he was the manager of the Franchise Pinocchio, she told me. But he will have left with the money?  I remember a name like Alejandro or something like that. But I didn’t know how much it was at that moment! She told me only a few hundred! She lied to mislead me! Also I asked for the bag to see it, and the documents. But they were lost she said, which was not true at all. I lost 300.000 euro not knowing anything about it at first! How can that be a legal transfer of money? Who gave it to me? That information was in the documents, which he kept himself. This guy is a disgusting crook! And the guy giving it to an unaware bartender girl is an idiot too! So stupid! He could have given it to me straight away! I would simply have taken it if he had mentioned my fight with the Dutch state and the book rights.

Now I know it was an advance payment for the book and movie rights on my story from a guy I met during my detention for asylum in Florida. I should sign the documents. But why didn’t he use my lawyer as I told him? Not allowed yet? I will hear about that later on, when this cover-up is blown open.

Having had many problems and suppressing many things for 28 years, this was a big blow to my already traumatized brain. So I forgot about it soon. Too much for me to cope with at the time. Suppression they call it. But it would have changed my life completely from negative to positive and I could have solved my case years earlier! I could have paid lawyers and editors for my book and much more with it! They would have helped me with preparing the book. Now when writing this, we are almost broke.

In 2014 finishing part 4 of my book

But in 2014 after having asked for a second time Political Asylum in America against the persecution by the Dutch state, I remembered it when writing my part 4 of my book. And now suddenly understood what happened and what it was about! My God how stupid  this all was.

How could somebody be so stupid to give 300.000 euro to an unknown Ukrainian bartender girl in a dangerous crowded bar? Both of them simply walked away with 150.000 euro each in cash!

With no problem at all! Legally they think and that depends on the lawyer who drew up a false statement of course. Without even checking if I really understood what was going on? Tricking me to say yes and making sure I didn’t know how much it was and about the documents being trashed. And not explaining it a little to me? The guy who should give it to me, should have said ‘Hans, I have something for you that will help you with your Dutch fight. It is about your publishing rights.’ That would have done it for me. I simply would have taken it, signed the documents and solve this horrifying conspiracy.

I don’t think it is legal! The documents will proof it was mine, and they refused to show those to me when I asked to see them. I was not allowed to inspect the whole bag. They made sure about that by betraying me. And they lied about the few hundred, instead of three hundred thousand euro.

I was ripped off! And my damages are much lager, I didn’t get crucial information which would have helped me tremendously with my mental state. And it would have shortened our suffering with many years.

I will file charges against those two and the lawyer with the Spain officials!

And a few weeks later I discover it happened exactly like this again in 2011 in Jalon. Again an idiot gave money meant for me to an alcoholic dishonest guy, who called me his friend, who then tricked me with help from his wife, and later also simply kept the package with 75.000 euro. And this time I discovered in time, and told him ‘give it to me directly.’ But he refused to give it to me and gave it to this crook instead and I should get it the next morning. But next morning of course he didn’t give it to me at all, and I suppressed it again. Not knowing what was in it. Mentally a big blow again, to give something meant for me to this dishonest guy who tried to interfere with my live a lot before. And he didn’t trust him he told me before. I will make a post about it soon. See Dutch Post: Opgelicht voor 75.000 euro in de Jalon vallei!

Hans Smedema, fugitive from persecution by the Dutch government

Drachten, Netherlands September 2014