Brainwashed by the Dutch secret service!


Brainwashed by the Dutch secret service! Spain involved!electroshock_therapy_by_penney

I just found out that the Dutch secret service, secretly and illegally in the end of April 2010 lured me into  Night Club Pretty Woman in Benidorm, where they drugged me and must have been brainwashing me for around two hours. On the way back I caused a car accident with two parked cars and damages of around 12.000 euro or 15.000 US$. So the time I was back is known in the police files. Around two o’clock. At the time I didn’t understand two to four hours missing earlier in the evening, but now I know how meticulously planned this secret operation must have been.

Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart
Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, secretly and illegally brainwashing to hide crimes and neutralise opponents!

Earlier in 1975 I was also secretly brainwashed under hypnoses by Dutch Psychologist and specialist on dissociation prof. dr. Onno van der Hart. He forced me after drugging to sign a document giving him the right to hide all information and evidence about the rapes of my wife with children from rapist . He received a lot of money for doing that, and there were many witnesses. One went to the police and all his colleges in Zwollen filed a complaint against him.

Now in 2010 in Benidorm they did this to make sure I would not be able to get a woman who would give me children of my own, and what would have caused my brain with severe PTSD to heal. Having a family in Spain would have made my chance to succeed in blowing up the ‘Dutch Queengate’ or ‘Hans Smedema Affair’, much larger. Also since 1972 I was secretly not allowed to have children of my own. I was made infertile by the rapist in 1972, and around 1999 they(justice dept/medici) secretly repaired one testicle to make sure I could never proof I was infertile before.

All evidence of the no fair trials, the many manipulations done to the medical files, officials who by law were ordered to betray me and my wife, Judges who were not independent, lawyers who were not allowed to help me, and much more, could come out if I had a family in Spain who would have helped me. A sister of the guy, see post no children allowed,wanted to go with me and maybe give me children. Later she even cried when I walked away after very strange avoiding and suppressing everything what had to do with woman and relations. I had that for 28 years when I found out about this unbelievable Royal cover-up and conspiracy. But it was almost gone. Now this brainwashing must have brought it back! It was conditioning by torture!

Earlier I met a nice guy who put on the internet a request for woman and what I was offering them, if they would give me a child. See also Post No children allowed.

This must have caused the Dutch Royal Criminal Organisation to panic, and quickly plan to brainwash me, so I would react with avoiding and suppression to any woman. And it did! And this occurred several times indeed after this happened, while before I had no problem talking to them at all! So it proves more or less what must have happened secretly inside Pretty Woman.

Another reason for the brainwashing could have been the fact I just got back from my asylum case in Florida, after detention of 28 weeks, and the Dutch secret service and Justice must have wanted to know what happened in Florida, and what did I know about the evidence of the abuse.

HeartbreakBenidormSpain secret service was involved!

Just to make sure, HeartBreak has nothing to do with the crime in Pretty Woman! On the contrary John the bartender warned me before for them and asked a photographer Fernando he knew to go to Pretty Woman later, and make photo’s of me and the guys. So they would be warned. What happened. Later he told me Fernando left in the same year to go back to Argentina, which could be to clear all evidence! 


I met these two English guys in the HeartBreak American Beach Bar in Benidorm, at 18.00 when it was empty(!), who wanted me to go with them for a nice evening. They took me to the Night Club Pretty Woman in the English Quarter in Benidorm around 7 in the evening. It was completely empty at that early time of course. It was empty specially for me I now know. I didn’t like it there, to expensive and wanted to go home.

One of the woman warned me to leave as soon as possible because she saw what they had prepared upstairs for me! Also they had warned the police and they came, but could not intervene as the people inside were backed by a higher level! Ministry of Justice and/or Secret service!

She asked me ‘Who are you? Why are you so important?’


I now know I was drugged already in Heartbreak confirmed by John the bartender who warned me, and inside Pretty Woman. A woman told me I could close my eyes if I wanted to, and the same woman waking me up. You don’t know how long you slept. The full story is in my book part 4 of course with all details. After I woke up one girl told me she came secretly back and heard my scream! Which must have been the torture by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart to conditioning me to avoid woman en much more. he made a zombie out of me!

And even earlier John the Dutch bartender from the HeartBreak had warned photographer Fernando who came in time and made a picture of me, some girls and one of the guys. A few days later John gave me the photo of the woman inside and one of the guys on it. He wanted 100 euro’s for his trouble, but at the time I suppressed(brainwashed!) everything. I now know his involvement was crucial, so when I get my millions after this Dutch cover-up has been blown up, I will give him at least 10.000 euro! Thanks for your help John!

I found out about him, now in 2015 living in Albir, he lives in the Netherlands at the moment and he confirms the part of the story about me being drugged in HeartBreak which he noticed on my eyes, him therefore warning Fernando to go to Night Club Pretty Woman, and the fact about the photo he gave me a few days later! Which proves a lot. As the photo I got in Pretty Woman was gone! The criminals took it to make sure I could not proof anything.

Outside I wanted to look what time it was, but one of them prevented it, even by keeping my hand down(!), while another looked at his mobile, but was silent too long. I even said ‘he is calculating the time!’ And he mentioned a much earlier  time, then it really was. I could only have been in there for an hour or so. So it should have been 8 o’clock or a bit later, but it was late in the evening. 11 or 12,  I guess.

They made sure I didn’t leave, I would have noticed the loss of time, and brought me to a bar for a lap-dance. That lasted for an hour or so. I walked for an hour before going home, as I didn’t feel well enough. The accident happened after a half hour drive in Jalon at around 2 in the night! They had me for 4 hours!

They could also have fabricated compromising nude pictures of me, to black-mouth me when needed. I always had my clothes on, nothing happened, but why drug me? I do remember after waking up, that my clothes were not nice fitting anymore! Now I know they brainwashed me because I saw prof. dr. Onno van der Hart just before being drugged. He had to make sure he had the right guy!

Witness Elise Boers from Uden, who worked for my brother and the Dutch ministry of InJustice in The Hague, in 1999 also warned me my brother was black-mouthing me, and the fact the Dutch secret service and Ministry of Justice was involved in this big conspiracy. They want to make sure I looked like an idiot. By the way I did feel like an idiot many times during this conspiracy.

Prof.dr. Hirsch Ballin
Prof.dr. Hirsch Ballin
Jan Peter Balkende
Jan Peter Balkende

Based on bilateral treaties, the Dutch crooks behind this must have asked Spain to help them betray me and the Dutch people. Nobody in the Netherlands is allowed to know about it either. Spanish police knew nothing as they came but were overruled by the Spanish secret service. The Dutch Minister of Justice and at the same time Minister of Internal affairs was Hirsch Balin. He must have approved it together with the Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

Because the Dutch Ministry of InJustice and Queen was involved, they could have done it with the special approval of a few people in Spain. Paul Bremer in 1996 warned me that if the Dutch would ask America for help, they would have to do it because of the bilateral treaties. if so, then the same will be true for Spain and all other countries. The Dutch Queen or Royals are much more important then me and my poor wife suffering. Disgusting behavior!

This brainwashing and hypnoses has ruined my life and caused another 5 years of suffering for both me and my still unaware, now ex-wife with severe dissociation and also been brainwashed to forget about all the rapes, torture and mistreatment done to her.

An Asylum Judge, Rex J. Ford is not allowed to send someone back to his country, when there is a big chance of harm! And that was done to me with this operation only months after being deported back to Amsterdam on November 5th, 2009.

And in 2014 again I was sent back! America is making big mistakes in my case. Has it to do with the fact the Dutch have asked America for help based on the bilateral treaties? And the United Nations when I called for help when in detention told me ‘your case is very special!’ Everybody got help with their case, but not me! It was strange in 2009! I didn’t even try anymore in 2013 in Texas.

Ripped off for 300.000 euro in Spain

In another post I will tell how I was ripped of 300.000 euro by two Ukrainians in Benidorm also in 2010! Because an idiot gave something for me, had to do with the book publishing rights, to an unaware bartender girl to look after it, without telling me it was information and money for me. She had a look in the evening and simply kept it! This caused unnecessary suffering for many years! I didn’t get the information included which would have helped me a lot. See Post Ripped off by an Ukranian crook in Benidorm! 300.000 euro lost!

In 2012 the same was done for the second time! Again I did’n get it, but an idiot gave it to a Dutch crook, André G. from Houten who called me a friend(!),  but who was not honest to me,  and secretly looked at it, and simply kept it also. Easy money when I didn’t know about it, then.In that case a whole group of Dutch was involved who all betrayed me and my defenseless wife. Almost all rich people and they divided the money between them. Soon a Dutch Post about it. See Post Scammed by a Dutch ‘friend’ in the Jalon valley in Spain.

And more happened, unbelievable. The movie about this conspiracy later on will be unbelievable and exciting.


Never in world history…,

has a single loving couple…,

been betrayed so badly…,

by so many…,

for so long…!   Hans Smedema


More later…

Hans Smedema B.Sc., Fugitive temporally in Drachten, Netherlands