Neighbor was planted there in 1977 by the Ministry of Injustice to control us!


Neighbor was planted there in 1977 by the Ministry of Injustice to control us!

We were betrayed by our own family, government and Ministry of InJustice! Omerta with stealing 20 million or more from the unaware Dutch tax payers.

As I found out recently a neighbor, drs. Jaap J. Duijs, who was a teacher off Frence, in 1976/77 bought the plot opposite just before us with special help from the Dutch Ministry of InJustice!

We were NOT allowed to buy and had to come back a few days later, to secretly allow this teacher/rapist to buy the plot opposite our plot. So it would look like a coincidence he lived opposite us! He has used drugs on me, had me brainwashed by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart several times, and almost sure my defenseless wife too. He also got free drugs from a police woman Sylvia te Wierick who was rewarded for her fraud with promotion to Districtchef of the town Drachten recently.

He also drugged and raped young girls, was even caught by two police officers having sex with a child, but never prosecuted! Which now is logical!

He was a ‘whore runner’ who knew my wife(who developed a double personality because of the torture)  from 1972 was defenseless against rapist, and was told by the Justice department how to keep her and me under mind control. A traitor and mole inside the Ministry of InJustice, who took part in transferring her into a sex slave in 1972, helped him get 100.000 guilders to buy the plot and build a small villa on it, and he got a monthly allowance of around 1000 guilders! Maybe he still gets it, or it stopped when I found out and asked for an investigation in 2004? No because he was also involved in the brainwashing on May 20th 2010 in Benidorm where he was seen by several witnesses! So he was an informant or maybe partly employed by the Ministry of Justice? Therefore he is above the Dutch law?

But still any investigation is denied! We have to pay him now 5000 euro based on fraud, false charges and no fair trial, and he got from three earlier no fair trials 1500 euro. While he raped my wife almost weekly since 1978 and even made her pregnant in 1980! Another rapist Rieks Perdok also denied ever having sex with my wife, but was the father of a son! So both false charges are easy to proof, but of course even a simple DNA-test denied!

During our marriage on Febr. 23th 1973 two people from Justice had to sign a separate document, which we were NOT allowed to see! Probably other people were allowed to decide for and over us, without us knowing! Horrifying as they totally destroyed our lives!

But America has all these facts!

Proof is easy!

This can easily be proved because my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema was involved at the time, the Mayor of the town of course, the manager selling the plots and the actual guy who even warned us for this Jaap Duijs!

You don’t know this guy? Strange! He must be very important for you, because he was specific allowed to buy the plot BEFORE you! Keep an eye on him!

These witnesses should also watch out for being murdered, as many others involved die suddenly! Mostly it looks like a heart attack, but they are secretly drugged!  My neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog from the town ‘t Harde was murdered like that a witness Jan van Beek told me, but more died like that.

George Orwell 1984 = Hans en Wies Smedema 1972!

Dutch are willing to do unbelievable Orwellian fraud with since 1972 millions of stolen tax money. We never got a penny being the victims who should get help? On the contrary, we lost millions!

Literally Big Brother is watching you!

More later…

Hans Smedema, El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain.