Scammed by a Dutch ‘friend’ in the Jalon valley in Spain!


Scammed by a Dutch ‘friend’ in the Jalon valley in Spain! 300.000 euro, crucial documents and evidence stolen by Dutch André Gruters from the town Houten, Netherlands.

Party animal André Gruters and Joke from Houten Netherlands. Be happy!
Party animal André Gruters and Joke Laven from Houten Netherlands. Be happy! But they just stole 300.000 euro and crucial evidence from me! The beer was free! Suddenly they had losts of money and bought a new car/Jaguar! They told others it was only(!) 75.000 euro! I was a friend they told everybody!

Declaration and charges against André Gruters and his wife Joke Laven citizens of the Netherlands living in the Dutch town Houten. Also living in Urbanisation Puerta del Valle 52, Murla near Jalon.

I just found out the theft was for 300.000 euro in two packages! Thief André Gruters did not tell the ohters about the second parcel with 225.000 euro! So he split the 75.000 with the others involved and simply kept the 225.000 for himself!

I would never have expected the scam and theft, because together with a group of Dutch and others, we were always happy and laughing. We had a great time together! Still unbelievable because he withheld evidence and 300.000 euro other people saved for us. Also we suffered now for three years extra! I spent 2,5 months unnecessary in detention in Texas asking for asylum for the second time, and one month innocent in a Dutch jail. Which all could have been prevented with those documents and money!

See for the more detailed Dutch Post Opgelicht voor 75.000 euro in de Jalon vallei!

I accuse André Gruters, who said and acted to be a friend, of the following scam and theft:

Chronological order of events with all witnesses or involved

  1. Sunday evening end of 2011 in Casa Aleluya. André intercepts a parcel by lying and betrayal to me, the courier and his own wife. Twice I tried to talk to the courier myself, but André blocked it twice also by misleading me. Witness of that were the beautifull daughter of the owner Juan Mengual, Josefa and his nice son Dani. André didn’t tell me the Dutch courier was trying to give me a package, but instead told me to stay away from the guy. The guy was dangerous and no good he told me falsely. So a deliberate scam. The courier was falsely made to believe I wanted him to give the package to André, who would give it to mee next morning. I warned the courier twice NOT to give it to André! 
  2. First time I shook my head firmly NO, when André asked me to nod yes!, next André blocked the door when I tried to go to this courier to ask what it was all about? I asked Josefa to open the door for me when André Gruters refused to let me go to the courier and when he also refused to her, she called her brother Dani! But somehow I didn’t talk to this courier! But Josefa and Dani are both witness to this strange behaviour of thief and con artist André Gruters! You don’t forget that strange happening easy!
  3. And second outside when he told me it was about documents about my case against the Dutch, I again told him to give it directly to me! Which he refused to do because of a camera outside in a tree. He was falsely told this by André to scare him off and make sure the parcels would be given to André.
  4. Witness Hans Bauerlein and his partner Tini, warned me to take the parcel myself, but I didn’t understand which parcel they were talking about. But the misled courier gave it to André and his wife Joke, who both promised to give it to me next morning. André had put his car next to the car of the courier and to scare him, told that he had seen people putting camera’s in a tree. I was unaware about getting a parcel and didn’t know what was in it, so could easily be misled. Also I was suffering from PTSS and severe suppression as a result of old trauma’s. Why the secrecy is also unknown to me, but will have to do with a cover-up from the Dutch government which I am fighting and was the reason for me to live openly in Jalon as a kind of fugitive. I know there were Dutch people trying to give me certain documents which proof my case and are evidence in court cases. Exact date is unknown, but must have been end of 2011.
  5. Monday morning his wife Joke Laven warns me to come and get the package quickly, because André was trying to steal the parcel. He had been up all night to find a way to keep the package. But when I arrived minutes later after 11 o’clock to take it, they didn’t give it to me. Taking advantage of my suppression and handicap they knew very well. Joke was threatened to keep silent by André I overheard.
  6. Johan Smedema Gennep
    Godfather mr. Johan Smedema Gennep

    Wednesday André and Joke told me I should talk during happy hour at 17.00 at Bar-restaurant Ole, next to Casa Aleluya to a Dutch girl very suddenly(!) arriving with the daughter of a Dutch couple, Harrie and Ine van Rijbroek from Uden in the Netherlands. Living close to my criminal brother Johan who lives in Gennep and initiated and leads the Dutch criminal conspiracy. They own a villa in Liber close to Jalon. The girl or woman tried to find out how much evidence I had about my case against the Dutch conspiracy and cover-up. She almost sure was from the Dutch justice department, warned by André and Joke, or by Raoul through his contacts with the Dutch marine. Ine told me she had to make copies next day and wanted me to come to their villa in Liber to talk with the girl. But I didn’t do that, not trusting the girl. Ine came alone with her daughter and the girl on Wednesday just in time to meet me at the Happy hour at Ole at 17.00, and left on Friday morning! So she probably came just to get the documents. André and Joke must have had contacts with my criminal brother Johan Smedema in Gennep, maybe through Harrie and Ine van Rijbroek who quickly organised this pick-up with my criminal brother.

  7. In hindsight this girl probably was from the Dutch justice department involved in the cover-up and conspiracy to hide and manipulate all evidence about the rapes and severe mistreatment done to me and my defenseless wife since 1972. Hiding it from the Dutch people who are not allowed to know about the secret Royal cover-up. So an illegal operation or Dutch Queengate. They made copies of the English documents so the Dutch knew what was going on and could try to find the people behind this secret attempt to help me and my wife. The Queen is more important than the victims, or the Dutch people. They all hide, me Hans Smedema do everything openly and ask for an investigation! They refuse to investigate to hide!
  8. I still didn’t know about the value of the unknown parcel for me and my wife at that time! Not even that it existed because of my suppression. The warnings from Joke and Hans Bauerlein were forgotten. I had never seen it yet and only Hans Bauerlein mentioned it, and the Dutch courier Sunday evening. They all knew, but I didn’t. I even suppressed anything about it because of earlier trauma’s.
  9. Friday evening they suddenly invited me to go with them to a restaurant in Orba where I was interrogated by Willem Scholman the very good friend of André, who lives in Goy next to Houten. Raoul and Pien, see below, were present also and Hans and Marian Stigter from Rotterdam and Mascarat near Altea. They find out I probably was scammed of 300.000 euro in Benidorm in 2010. So they accuse André of betraying them by only mentioning 75.000 euro. That same evening suddenly Joke gives me a parcel, but André uses my handicap to steal it again and when he puts it back upstairs, I hear everybody laughing. They all knew about my handicap and only laughed! Horrifying cruel behaviour. André was deliberately making me look like an idiot for all involved. Joke then puts it in the trunk of my car, and I drove with it for days without knowing or understanding the value. Suppressed it and I use the trunk only once a week for groceries. Had she given it to me in the front of the car where I was, it would have been oké. I would have seen it and opened it at home. Why put it almost secretly in the trunk of a car? I Kafkaesque didn’t know it was important yet, they all knew.
  10. That evening was the only time I saw the parcel and took it under my arm for a few seconds not understanding what it was, and how they got it! But André shrewdly took it away again.
  11. Monday morning Willem Scholman and André talk to me asking if I opened the package, but they find out I was unaware it was in the trunk of my car. I didn’t understand what parcel they were talking about.
  12. Wednesday at happy hour at Ole, Joke asked what I found in the package and finds out I never opened the package and knew nothing about it being in the trunk of my car. Suppressed because of my handicap. So André shrewdly lends my car key to show someone my car, but steals the parcel out of the trunk again. So I never saw the package again and still knew nothing about the contents.
  13. Sunday evening in Casa Aleluya, Marjo van Zomeren suddenly tells me about the package for me, that André opened it and secretly wanted to keep it himself. She asks me if it was 300.000 euro, or only 75.000 euro, and explains she was asked to translate the English documents from the package. She was unable to do so and asked Raoul, a former Dutch marine man, to do it for her. Raoul and Pien van de Weerdt, the secretary of the Dutch Club in Jalon, were also in Orba during the interrogation by Willem Scholman. So they knew about the package than, but never told me in person.
  14. The Casa Aleluya is legendary! Very nice place to go for a drink and eat tapas or in the restaurant upstairs.  Almost every Sunday evening life music.
  15. Link to Facebook page Casa Aleluya
  16. But I didn’t understand what was going on and suppress it. Parcel? What parcel.
  17. During several weeks André and Joke secretly try to find out if I knew about the parcel, or that they could simply keep the money. They don’t mention the package of course, but simply ask if there are any new developments in my case.
  18. Then one Sunday evening in Casa Aleluya, André must have been giving the money to Marjo and Raoul, as I saw him asking for the key to her car, and putting a package in brown paper into her car. Marjo then kissed and said to André ‘thank you very much André. You know I can use it very well at the moment. And then Marjo came to me and said ‘Hans I want to thank you also with a kiss, although you will not understand why .’ Raoul refused to give André his key and walked with him to his car, also with a brown paper package. I estimate both got at least 10.000 euro. While the translation would have cost only hundreds in a normal case.
  19. The date when this all happened is unknown, but it was winter time, probably late 2011. On February 8th, 2012 André and Joke bought a new car, a Jaguar in the Netherlands and drove it to Spain, where it was put on a Spanish license plate. Theo and Bep van Mierlo, friends of André and Joke also bought a car partly cash with banknotes of 50€ and were afraid if that could cause problems, Bep told me at the time. Willem Scholman at the time also bought a much better car which André found for them in La Marina, Spain. Also there were suddenly expensive parties by André together with others, Theo and Bep gave a party also, while normally not having a lot of money to do so. So it looks as if the money they stole from me, that some honest people tried to give to me and my wife, was spend. Which means many people knew about it, but Kafkaesque didn’t tell me about it! Collective betrayal!
  20. Other friends Hans and Marian Stigter from Rotterdam and Mascarat Spain, also helped whitewashing the stolen cash through his brother Piet Stigter in Zwitserland. They must have gotten a lot of the cash money also.They betrayed me also and denied everything. Hans Stigter also advised my wife to divorce several times. He tried to get information from me and give it to the Criminal Organization behind this conspiracy!
  21. reservationPienIn May 2013 when they all find out I have to leave Spain as we had not enough money, and lost my car because I had no money anymore for repairs, Raoul and his partner Pien specific invite me for diner at restaurant ‘El Temple’ in Benidoleig for Sunday May 19th. See reservation by Pien. André and Joke and many others(13) also are there. They make sure I sit next to Raoul and Marjo is opposite of me. Raoul openly recorded the conversation with his phone and asked me to give advice in a legal matter. If Marjo and Raoul could keep money for a translation, an abnormal lot of money, when it turns out the documents and money were gotten illegal! Marjo wanted to use the money for a better car and until that moment only used part of the money, she told me. They Kafkaesque don’t talk about the parcel André stole, that should have been given to me, at all! Nor did they warn me about the crucial value of the documents as evidence in my court cases, and my fight against the persecution Dutch government. Hiding evidence and crimes. They were only trying to get legal permission to keep it, in case of later legal problems. I thought they could keep it legally, if they didn’t know upfront the money was stolen!
  22. Which means Marjo was the most honest woman of the collective conspiracy to steal 75.000 euro and crucial documents from me, handicapped with severe suppression for emotional events. Even after more than a year she felt it was not fair. She is a nice woman and should not have been involved in this by André. She doesn’t deserve this.
  23. Hans and Tini Bauerlein never talked about the parcel again too. But later when they found out I had to leave Spain (2013) they tried to ask me about the parcel again! But I didn’t remeber it. When it started were the only ones warning me about the possible scam by André. They knew I didn’t know anything about a package at the first evening in Casa Aleluya. While André was trying to mislead me, his own wife Joke and the Dutch courier. So they too are honest people and maybe not involved to much.
  24. PienvandeWeerdtFacebook
    Pien van de Weerdt

    I asked Raoul and Pien van de Weerdt, two fine people, if they would like to talk to me about it. I told them you have two possibilities. One to tell the truth and we can try to keep you out of it, or deny and you could be seen as an accomplish.  But they know nothing about it and don’t want to talk. Unbelievable for me, because we had a lot of fun together. Pien, like Raoul is a warm personality, she is also secretary of the Dutch Club in Jalon, has a nice Facebook page Pien van de Weerdt. Both Pien and Raoul are very nice people, so almost unbelievable for me.  They are twice the level of André! Too bad they got dragged into this scam by André, like Marjo, Joke, Bep and all others.

  25. The facebook page of Pien van de Weerdt is suddenly deleted, as is the reservation at El Temple in Benidoleig. So this means Raoul and Pien are guilty and involved! Exactly as the widow Marjo van Zomeren told me!

I remember everything only in august 2014 when writing part 4 of my autobiography and after I found out about me being brainwashed in April 2010 by the Dutch secret service in Benidorm, and about the 300.000 euro stolen in Benidorm by an Ukrainian bartender girl and her boss.

All Dutch involved were betraying me, a handicapped fugitive for the illegal persecution by the Dutch government, after being betrayed by almost the whole Dutch nation since 1972! See the full unbelievable horrifying story about my life on my Dutch blog and in English much shorter

In fact it is such a strange unbelievable story, there will be a movie about it later for sure. I am working on a script and will now include this story in it and get the legendary Casa Aleluya as a place for several beautiful scenes.

I still advise all involved, to simply tell the truth, because that will be the only way to stay out of this crime.

Hans Smedema, Drachten, Netherlands. Almost broke and emotionally broken.