2 Warning for girls!


Warning for girls!

I am warning girls for the fact they could be drugged and severely traumatized by abusers, and not have any memories about it for many years! Of course for a few hours is known, but what happened to us is not common knowledge! In fact they would suppress all that has to do with it! Mind control and double (multiple) or emotional personality is involved! In this case my wife could be abused or (legally) raped, without knowing it after the fact! And for now over 35 years! Unbelievable? Yes, most people, in fact 99,9% are unable to ‘grasp’ these facts! Which is the big problem in solving these still ongoing crimes!

This can probably only happen when being into the hands of secret abusers for longer times. The trauma has to be severe enough. I am not sure at the moment but the lover boys and other criminals could use the same technique and nobody would notice! My girlfriend got such a severe suppression and amnesia from all the abuse, she could never tell us (for over a year!) because she suppressed everything immediately!
In my case I didn’t even notice it myself as her friend, also being drugged with memory loss. Not even her parents noticed it at first for almost a year. She came home weekends and told nothing about the abuse, as she didn’t know because of the memory loss the drug caused. At first she was several months drugged daily with a drug that caused that memory loss. The fact she was raped secretly and didn’t know it the following morning causes enormous stress inside your head. After a while she got suppression and after being treated with an electric stick (for driving up animals) to cause severe trauma, she would be the slave of the abusers and follow every instruction. Even long after we were married and family decided not to tell us! That is mind control! She was the hostage of those abusers, but nobody notices! It is based on extreme fear and an second emotional personality!

Even when she was at my place and her ‘master abuser’ would phone her to go somewhere! She didn’t tell me, but followed his instructions. A kind of brainwashed and his slave. I didn’t suspect anything. Yet she still doesn’t know it herself after over thirty years! She has had five pregnancies and three children from abusers without knowing it herself, her ‘normal’ personality that is! She thinks the children are mine, because her brain is telling her she never had sex with others.

Impossible you will say? Indeed it looks that way, that is the reason nobody will believe me! But I can assure you it is true! Easy to prove also, but I need honest people and getting out of the hands of the Justice department and/or secret service in the Netherlands. They did a cover up and now falsify everything with our scrupulous family. We have no rights anymore. We were denied all medical help and treatment!

A ‘Dutch Watergate’ or in this case ‘Dutch Queengate’.

I myself was also drugged at his place when I was in the way and got memory loss myself. I too suppressed everything related to her abuse. They even sterilized me in 1972, so the abuser could have secretly a child from my girlfriend, later my wife.

Not before 2000 my memory came back. All the repeated abuse made the trauma more and more worse. And I know how my brain stopped thinking when I sometimes found out about my wife being abused or when somebody warned me for it! Sometimes I saw her being abused, but my brain went dead and I simply turned away! Only in 2000 those memories got back! The memories are not lost! They go into a kind off black hole, but are not lost. As soon as your brain can handle the abuse, accepts it, one day your memory is coming back.
I learned she got a double personality. She can act completely normal and be abused when forced enough to go into her second personality. She will do what is asked of her and after he leaves, get back to the normal person. Once she asked me how that money came on her bedside! She instantly forgot! Most will not get this severe abuse, but still it could be many more and parents or her friend could, and most probably never recognize it!

Not many people know these facts! So use this info and make sure it gets to the right places about abuse. I am wiling to give many more details of course when asked to. My book ‘Fighting the unknown’ will give many more details also in a few months.

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Hans Smedema December 2006 e-mail: [email protected]